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CWG 2010 : This Time NOT For Delhi

Heyy Wassup people ??  😉
Well It’s time to have some serious talk right now !!

As Y’all know that The National Capital of India : Delhi is going to host 19th COMMONWEALTH GAMES (CWG) in just 10 days ..

But the Question still remains in every Delhites minds “Whether CWG 2010 is going to be host in Delhi properly or not ?”

A Very Big n Important Question.. as Y’all cud see .. Isn’t it ?? 😛

Well , I’ve already mentioned that Delhi is the National Capital of India. Moreover , It is the eighth largest metropolis in the world by population with more than 12.25 million inhabitants in the territory and with nearly 22.2 million residents in the National Capital Region urban area (which also includes Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad)

Plus, It is also the political and cultural center of our Country.

So therefore, It is a very very important venue for every Indian around the country and also for our foreign guests as well.. 😉

Well.. The Delhi Government and The Indian Olympic Association had took a very big responsibility on themselves by hosting CWG 2010 a here back in 2006. And from since 2006, They together did some good job to brighten this city Like – Reconstructing some old Stadiums like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Talkatora Stadium, Shivaji Stadium etc. and Constructing some new Stadiums Like – SPM Swimming Pool Complex, RK Khanna Tennis Complex, Yamuna Sports Complex etc. etc.which definitely going to be good for the athletes India and around the World !!

Moreover, as according to The Delhi Master Plan in 2002, the Delhi Government did certain deeds to the citizens like Providing Delhi Metro Rail Service and New D.T.C Buses, Upgrading Indira Gandhi International (I.G.I) Airport and other Important places etc. etc. which quite provided a possible sort of comfort and satisfaction to every Delhite especially the common men and women for sure !!

Though, The Delhi Government and The Indian Olympic Association provided such good things to us so far.

But still, there is a lack of Management and Proper Planning in both of the above works. They both delayed in their Works and put their works at the Last Minutes of Given Deadline, which not only the given time is being wasted but also a lot of money spent as Expenditure to complete the Goal. Moreover, It has caused so much problems for a common Delhite due to negligence of Government.

The budget was initially around Rs. 11,000 Crores w which was quite sufficient to develop the city and to organize any Big World Event. But Now, Due to expansions in Deadlines and delay in their works, it has raised to mammoth Price of Rs. 75,000 Crores n would increase within these days for sure !!

Well, I won’t be surprised if it touches Rs. 1,00,000 Crores :X

In the names of Urban Development, The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)  invoked  SEALING and DEMOLITION in various shops and homes , causing many Delhites jobless and homeless !!  Moreover, many people living in Slum Areas were not properly evacuated to proper places and not given safe accommodation as well.

Though, all the money is being spent for development. Many Construction Plans are late and still going on. Also due to current Heavy Rainy Season, many roads are getting even more blocked causing too much Traffic in these busy city lanes. However, the main areas where the Tourists usually visits are almost developed. Thanks to their Last Minute Work, which generally I must say, Every Indian does, whether it’s a student for Studies or The Government for Project !! 😛

But still there is a lack of security for the upcoming games, as we’ve just witnessed the Jama Masjid Attack and Explosion by the Terrorists last week.

Even though so much money has been money has been spilled like nowhere. But the projects are still not done yet, they are still pending. The reason has already been exposed that the money has been eaten up by many officials and again CORRUPTION has taken birth at this CWG Project as well.

PS : This issue is not new in India .. It always happens.. Don’t get shocked!! 😛

About a Month ago , the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) released a report showing irregularities in up to 14 CWG projects. As per official reports, in total 129 works in 71 organizations have been inspected. he detailed preliminary findings include

1. Award of work contracts at higher prices
2. Poor Quality Assurance and Management
3. Award of work contracts to ineligible agencies

There are also allegations of wide spread corruption in various aspects of organizing the games including procurement and awarding contracts for constructing the game venues.

Due to so much exposure revealed by the Indian Media, the true reason behind this issue came in the front of the whole nation. Though many convicted officials were suspended for violation, but still the loss has to suffer the common people in Delhi. Coz’ still we’ve demolished buildings, poor roads and lack of basic city amenities.

Now-a-days, we all might have heard this full form of CWG as ‘CORRUPTION WEALTH GAMES’ coz’ the Government made this event like this to happen. 😛

Well , due to lack of arrangement and accommodation, many Team Officials of other country (especially The European Nations) – has criticized for it. They are still on a boycott due to such reasons. Some athletes Like – Christine Ohuruogu, the Olympic 400m champion, and Lisa Dobriskey, a 1500m runner and the Jamaican runners Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell , had already withdraw themselves from the Competition.

In fact, any Indian officials expressed the dismay at the ongoing delays. But still they have stated that they are confident that India will successfully host the games and do so on time. Moreover, The Current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Diskhit (and I don’t think she would the CM for next time :P) still making us to see its positive side by quoting, “We Have developed Delhi in a year rather than doing so in 4 years” .

So Do you think this is very funny Quote ? Well, Its’ a lame an very shameful answer to neglect the humiliation and showing an unnecessary proud rather than embrace the reality and ensure that next time they should do in a proper planned way, without wasting Public’s Money.

Extremely Sorry that I’ve Forgotten !! Since this is INDIA, it would happen forever generation by generation   😛 ..

In India, Many Personalities like The former Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer and former Indian cricket captain and spin bowler Bishan Singh Bedi had strong criticized over this issue. Looking to this, Our So-called Indian Author Mr. Chetan Bhagat has raised a movement to Boycott CWG Games and also he’s urging his readers not to watch them on TV, thereby using the “golden chance” to “put the corrupt and insensitive government to shame. Well Honestly, I’m not a fan of this overrated Writer, But still I agree with him somehow.

As The Times of India reports, all CWG projects were to be completed by May 2009 and the last year should have been kept for trial runs. The newspaper further reports that the first stadium was handed over for trial runs in July 2010 only. That clearly means , that we already should have been prepared around 2 – 3 month ago for the games to be started. But what we’ve seen and got to learn so far .. A PATHETIC UNPREPARED and UNLIVABLE CONDITION OF DELHI.

Well so far, only those areas in Delhi have been developed so far, which are mainly Tourists Spots, the Stadium Location & the Commonwealth Areas. The rest Delhi are still under-construction. Well, During those CWG fortnights, these so-called developed areas would be The Delhi for visitors as the rest part would not been shown by them . 😛 Even though the places nearby important venue where being developed just at the last minute, But still its prone to poor construction and damage & even in a risk to collapse just what we witnessed when this Tuesday when a foot bridge under construction for the Commonwealth Games near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsed which injured at least 23 people, mainly workers, highlighting fears of poor workmanship.

Well obviously, the Delhites won’t be satisfied with such happenings going in Delhi so far !! Coz’  their money in form of Taxes are being wasted n spilled by the Government like nothing . Plus, they have not given the comfort that sense of comfort and satisfaction.  Only we could do just face the humiliation we are going to face within few days.

Still, somewhere I feel, the Youth especially the DU Students has been lured and deviated somehow by the government, by assigning and hiring them as Volunteers for CWG.  Moreover, They are attracting them by launching The Official CWG Theme Song called “Swaagatam Swaagatam” by A.R. Rahman, paying him around Rs- 5 Crores. , Though Palaash Sen has already been hired for that and he did it for Free of costs !!

Don’t you think A.R. Rahman should have done it for free costs?  Damn Sure, It ought to be YES !!

In my opinion, there’s no point of taking money for that especially when you’re doing something for the country. There’s no point in making money like that  ; )

Just take at look at the calendar Folks, Hardly 10 days Left.  It’s time for the Countdown to face the biggest humiliation at CWG 2010. As fast as the Day is coming nearby, Tensions are raising more and more in every Delhites’ mind. So therefore, Let’s us see people what happens next !! 😛

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  1. Truly actually very good web site article which has got me considering. I never looked at this from your point of view.

    October 2, 2010 at 23:08

  2. Mohit Soni

    So true !

    September 25, 2010 at 00:48

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