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10 Free Screencast Software To Make Video

Heyy Guys !! Wassup ?? 8)

I guess you’ve seen many Video Tutorials of whatever things you wanna visualize. Looking them a lot, Damn Sure !! You get so fascinated by it that you also want to create your Own Self-Made Video Tutorials like them. Isn’t it Folks ?? 😉 😛

Well Guys, they simply just use Screencast Softwares,where they can record their own Desktop View and give us Tutorials regarding any problem.

Even I was also like you days back ago. I’ve seen many Video Tutorials, where we get someone’s Desktop view and that person try to teach us. I got the same fascinating shit like Y’all are having right now.

So therefore, after browsing so much about these type of softwares and trying many of them. There are quite a few free screencasting applications which you can use without burning hole in your pocket. I’ve now A List of 10 Free Screencast Software To Make Video, which are as follows :- 😉

  1. Jing Project is the best free application ever made for screencasting. Jing Project has been created by TechSmith who incidentally also own Camtasia and thus you can be rest assured of the quality. I have been using this application since last few months and I am yet to face a single glitch. Jing is available for both Mac and Windows. Jing has recently undergone some changes which have improved its functionality and the user-interface. It is definitely not as feature rich as Camtasia but you shouldn’t forget that it’s free and does the basic task very well.
  2. AviScreen is another free screencasting application which although is not as refined as Jing but a try can be given as it saves the screencasts in .avi file type which is compatible on most systems. It has a smart feature called “follow the cursor” which lets you capture a video of relatively small dimensions while covering all mouse activity over the whole screen area. The major drawback of this one is that it does not record audio. Windows only.
  3. Copernicus is the free screencasting application for Mac which also doesn’t support audio. It can be used for taking screenshots while it also does the basic video capturing quite well.
  4. xVidcap is a pretty classic application which also doesn’t support audio like the two applications mentioned above. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The screen capture is actually done by saving each frame as an individual image – this is then sent through a transcoder which produces a complete MPEG video file.
  5. Windows Media Encoder is also a free application which can be used to capture both live and prerecorded audio, video, and computer screen images. The recordings are made in Windows Media format and can only work on Windows Operating Systems. Similarly Windows Movie Maker can also do the job.
  6. Camstudio 2.0 is an open source application and like Jing Project, it can also support both audio and video. It produces screencasts in .avi file type which it can also encode to .swf file type. It also includes features like adding captions and videi-in-video.
  7. Screencast-O-Matic is an online web service which provides you to make screencasts. It requires JAVA in your computer in order to run. Since it’s a browser based app so you can run it on any Operating System. It can record your desktop as well as audio.
  8. Wink is the last free application that we could find capable of making screencasts. It is a cross-platform application which captures screencasts and the feature of adding explanation boxes, buttons, titles etc. further make it worth a try.
  9. CaptureFox is a Firefox extension which can let you capture screen and record your sound. It makes the recordings in .avi file type while you may adjust its video quality as well. Free.
  10. Cankiri is a free screencasting application originally made for Linux in Python. It can although work on other Operating Systems too.

Well, Some of above are the Best. While few of them lag behind due to their certain drawbacks. A Tip Of Advice, I would like to share that, “Prefer that software which is most compatible as well as most in your Desktop”.

If I have missed any free screencasting application then please tell us in comments.

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Download ‘YouTube’ Videos from ‘KeepVid’

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Well, Y’all know about It’s simply a website where we all always watch Videos (whether it’s Music Videos, or Tutorial Videos, or Promo Videos, or even Home Videos etc. etc.) at YouTube. We just upload there and others watch them with pleasure and comment on it. 😉

But sometimes there are certain favorite Videos, which you wanna Download from there only. But you dunno how to do that. Guess What People ?? I’ve got a PERFECT SOLUTION for Y’all !! 😉 8)

Just Download your YouTube Video Link from the Address Bar and then, visit All you’ve to do, is to Paste the Copied YouTube Video Link at URL Bar and Click the DOWNLOAD button.

It would take few moments for checking and processing the Link.
After that, you can easily get its Video File. However, There are various options to Download the Video in various Video Formats (Like – .3gp , .flv, and .mpeg formats) , Video Quality and Resolution Levels. You can select the desired option and get ready for Downloading. 😉

So, It’s now become much easier to DOWNLOAD any Video from YouTube and get its Video File in desired format using KEEPVID.

POLL : What Kinda Muzik you like to listen the most ?

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POLL : What kinda \m/ROCK \m/ Genre you like to listen the most ?

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I’m again with a Feedback as simple POLL at here from Y’all esp. .. 8) 😀

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