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Archive for October 29, 2010

‘Calligraphy’ using ‘Wire Art’

Well Folks !! I’ve made this kinda Art already on my previous post. 😉 😛
But once again, I’m gonna show my Collection yet again. 8)

So this time, I’ve made yet another ” Calligraphy ” using ” Electric Wires “ this past Thursday in my Digital Electronics Lab. , Just dedicating for my College-mate and a very good friend : Akshay “CODER” Chadha, as a Birthday Present.

Take a look what just I made for him. 😉

Infact, He immediately accepted my Present as liked it so much that I had made something for him. I’m obliged with such appreciation that I received by him. 😛

Thanks for acceptance and appreciation Mr. CODER !! 😉
and once again, A Very Happy Belated B’day to you Bro !! 😛