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Top 10 Tiny & Awesome Windows Utilities

Hello Guys !! 8)

Well, This time I’ve brought something really interesting for Y’all.

It’s the little things that make a Windows system great—like utilities that use less than 10MB of memory to make your life easier. Here are 10 apps that pack a lot of greatness into very little space.

Note: Most of these apps do, indeed, use less than 10MB of hard drive space when installed, or use that much when they’re running in the background. Some will scale in use as you demand more or less from them—DisplayFusion or UltraMon, for example, when handling very high-resolution backgrounds or a wall of monitors—but all should have an almost negligible performance impact on a modern system.

10. Taskbar Shuffle

You don’t open your programs in the order you want them nealy arranged on your taskbar, you open them when you need them. Taskbar Shuffle knows this, and makes it easy to quickly swap windows around, along with system tray icons. It also allows you to close out windows with a simple middle-click, which alone could make it worth the roughly 6MB price of admission. You won’t know you wanted to fling windows out of your cursor’s way until you try it.

9. Everything

It’s probably smaller than your desktop wallpaper. But Everything is more useful and efficient than applications 25x its size. Everything only searches through file names, not inside the contents of them, but it does so stupid-fast as you type. You’ll usually find your file with a few keystrokes, and Google fans will appreciate the boolean operators that enable and/or elegance. Definitely an app you’ll want to right-click and create a keyboard shortcut for. There’s also Locate32, which does a bit more, is portable, and has more user-friendly features—we just like Everything for its single box that searches, uh, everything.

8. DisplayFusion or UltraMon

If you’re rocking dual, triple, or even quadruple monitors at home or at the office (and, let us just say, lucky you on that last bit), these apps have a relatively small system footprint, but make a big impact in how your system looks. They both manage separate or split wallpapers across multiple monitors, and can grab and rotate images from your computer, Flickr, or other sources. With DisplayFusion’s recent update, they also both maintain your Windows taskbar across all your monitors (or don’t, if that’s how you like it). Our resident multi-monitor enthusiast Jason still keeps both apps on his system for the little things, like multi-monitor screensavers in UltraMon, but both are among the very select paid apps we’ll admit to being worth shelling out for (although both have restricted “free” versions as well).

7. Texter

I know, it’s like we never give up on promoting this, right? Well, what can we say—we (the royal “we,” really) wrote it because it filled a need in our half-breed lives of alternating text and HTML. Turns out, though, that folks ranging from power emailers to military writers have found dull, boring text they can automate, misspelled words to catch on the fly, or perhaps powerful, seriously secretive acronyms they’d occasionally like to spell out. For less than 2.5MB of RAM on most systems, this one packs a pretty hefty punch.

6. Revo Uninstaller

In a magical world without computer stress, we’re all running virtual machines to try out software we might not want, and we simply uninstall it there, keeping one system nearly pristine. For the real world, Revo Uninstaller scrubs an application and all its traces off your Windows system. It can also turn off programs that are starting up with Windows, and uninstall applications with a crosshair “Hunter Mode” that doesn’t require you to know what it’s named.

5. NirSoft’s password recovery tools

Nir Sofer has contributed a wealth of great applications to the Windows world, but his Lifetime Achievement award for free software could be granted on his password utilities alone. Need to share your network password, but haven’t actually typed it in forever and a day? Network Password Recovery to the rescue. Need to unlock an Outlook PST file? Hit up PstPassword. Nir’s got you covered for email clientsIM apps, and, for every other app in your system that you can only see asteriks for, Asterisk Logger. Use them with the light side of the geek Force, and you’ll owe Nir a beer after he saves your unlucky day.

4. CCleaner

With good reason, this tiny, powerful little app has remained our readers’ favorite Windows maintenance tool. With a few clicks, it guns through your web browser remains, Recycle Bin, temporary system files, registry, and unnecessary application left-behinds, clearing them out and, in some cases, freeing up at least a DivX movie’s worth of space. It also offers a startup program analyzer and disabling tool, and can be run on a schedule for that light, regular crap-free feeling (ew, but good, right?)

3. Process Explorer

Windows Task Manager isn’t a bad tool, necessarily, but it only gives you a layman’s view of what’s eating up memory or pulling serious CPU cycles. Process Explorer expands on the vagueries of “rundll” or “svchost” with a double-click, links background services to applications, and points to the folders they come from. You might not need it all the time, but when you’re rooting around and trying to free up system memory, it’s like a finely-tuned metal detector.

2. Replacements for built-in Windows utilities

There are a lot of good reasons to keep on rockin’ Windows XP, but some of the built-in utilities can feel a bit, well, dated—and that goes for a good number of Vista tools, tool. Notepads without tabs? A Paint app that can’t really resize or undo more than one action? Skip the headaches and work-arounds and run down our list of power replacements for built-in Windows utilities, almost all of which are tiny litle buggers that do their work a whole lot better than Windows’ own stuff. This editor, for instance, tries not to think about what file copying was like before TeraCopy came along—or, if he does, tries to keep himself calm about that 4GB transfer that failed out for no reason, overnight.

1. Rainlendar

If you feel like you’ve heard this one before without really knowing why, you probably saw it listed as the best calendar application, or listed as one of the tools used to create a Featured Desktop. This customizable little guy gives you a floating, tiny, yet informative calendar on your desktop, along with a to-do list. It integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar, and most other iCal-supporting scheduling systems. The full app with offline Outlook, GCal and shared calendar support costs €10 (or about $14-15), but could totally be worth the price for anyone who doesn’t like to have to open a browser, or flip up Outlook, just to see what’s going on Monday.

These are really Nice and Perfect Utilities. Hope you like this Post and try to use some of these Awesome Softwares.

Don’t forget to Post Comments !! 8)

Ways to Bust n’ Kill Stress

Hello Guys !! 8)
I’m back again after suffering a lot from the Examinations.
To be Honest, some of my Examinations had gone quite good,but not to the expected level and some of them not even good.

In a nutshell, I’ve done quite good in my Third Semester Final Examinations but that much brilliant which is simply called “Awesome”. 😛

Though I’ve a bit regret for that I didn’t performed well for this Semester. Even I honestly admire the fact as well. But still, I’m taking a Chill-Pill and getting out from Misery for a while cause I know the reason that It’s DAMN useless to take such stress Before, During and even After the Examinations. 😛

Moreover, There are other things in our lives which are more fatal than Examinations. Be prepare for that. What you say about that huh ?:) 8)

Now getting straight to the point. 😛
Well, Stress is the response of the brain to unpleasant events for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control. This eventually causes Headache, Backache, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Hypertension, creating a negative environment all around especially during tough situations Like- Examinations. So Therefore, Having Stress all the time is a very very badly thing and we should try to kill it as soon as possible.

Recent research has shown that a high stress lifestyle, combined with a junk food diet results in weight gain (particularly abdominal fat). We can avoid junk food, but avoiding stress can be a lot more challenging.

I’ve searched certain ways to Kill Stress and got some Stress Busting Methods, which we ought to do. Some of them, we usually forget to do or hardly tried to do that.

Now, I would like to share the following Stress-Busting Methods, which are worth useful to eradicate them easily.

  1. Use deep breathing – breathe in through your nose down to your stomach, hold your breath, and breathe out through your mouth.
  2. Get aerobic exercise daily.
  3. Take a walk, even a very short one when you’re upset.
  4. Practice Yoga or Tai Chi or progressive relaxation.
  5. Enjoy the Soothing Aspects of Water – swim or take a bath or a shower.
  6. Make time to talk to friends and family members.
  7. Pet and play with an animal.
  8. Watch TV Shows (especially Cartoons & Comedy shows) for a while
  9. Listen to or play uplifting music.
  10. Read an inspiring book, sing a song, recite a poem.
  11. Spend time in nature.
  12. Avoid black and white thinking – few things in life are hopeless.
  13. Choose positive thoughts -paste them on your mirror.
  14. Restrict your viewing of upsetting media.
  15. Pick your battles – you can’t solve every problem.
  16. Write down your goals and strategies for reaching them.
  17. Take vacations from your normal routines.
  18. Work on such Hobbies where you’ve your interest.
  19. Don’t compare your failures with others’ success.
  20. Spend quiet time to get back in touch with yourself.

Eventually we get Stress free by such methods, making our mind calm and quite, so that we could get back to our concerned work with positive energy.

Therefore, Never DARE to underestimate the power of exercise in reducing stress and alleviating depression.

Well, I’ve experimented some of them with myself so far nad got nice results,which really helped me a lot during my tough days of Examinations. 😛

Now, It’s time that y’all should try out the same. Mark my words, You won’t get any kind of Stress, Tension or even Retarded-kinda Feeling after applying many of them with you for a while.

Try’em all Fellows !! 8)

.. Depths Of My Heart ..


Depths Of My Heart


The Depths of My Heart
Holding immense of varying emotions
Running inside through these veins
Causing Terrible IMPACT all over
Controlling over my Li’l Brain.
Sometimes very happy,
Sometimes that much sad
While, Sometimes in love,
Sometimes in agony,
And even sometimes very mad. 😛
Thoughts revolving around
Hovering all the time.
Even inspiring me so much from anybody
And making to try to be like them for a while.


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just like a Soldier
Who Plays with Death
Standing One Step Closer
Getting bruises and scars all around
Still Unstoppable to take a Break
Seeking for peace
And Fighting for Independence
Even putting his life in Stake
He hates Tyranny and Slavery
And Gives a F*ck to Terrorism
Only thing he believes in
Blood and Sweat form Patriotism
Everybody wanna be like him
Wanna be like that BRAVE
Would get ready for a Sacrifice
And die happily in The Holy Grave


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just Like a Man
To hold himself with a Belief
Conquering all the damn strength
To move out from his own GRIEF
Having a Duel with The Mighty Satan
Like a Big “DABANGG” (Fearless Guy) 8) 😉
Without having any Fear
And even, without having any doubt
N’ putting his all power
To whip all those DAMN threats
That tried to take him out.


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just Like a Friend
Who never forgets you till the End
And, he’s the one who never pretends.
Sharing his thoughts with you
Giving you happiness in every Moment
To maintain his Friendship
at every sort of aspect
Even would do anything for his friend
with Hustle Loyalty n’ Respect 😉


And, Finally
The Depths of My Heart
Now, makes me just Like a Lover
Whose LOVE just grown in Rain
Like a Blooming Flower
Getting fascinated to somebody
Ain’t any sort of Lust? 😛
Looking to that beautiful
Ohh Baby !! It makes him to Blush
Thinking about her anywhere
Many Shitty things in his head get flush
And It seems like, He’s like Y’all
Who finally had a sweet CRUSH.


These are certain thoughts
That usually lies in my Yard
And I am still embracing the FACT
I won’t break, cut n’ torn them apart
Whatever they might be
Even else if it sometimes
Makes me Feel bit Retard 😛
Coz’ these things would and forever
Inside The Depths of My Heart. 😉


All the Thoughts of Mine would be lying inside The Depths of My Heart

Selected for :- Thursdays Poet Rally Week 34 By Jingle

Thanks Jingle for giving me “Perfect Poet Award for Thursdays Poet Rally Week 34”

Moreover, I would like to nominate Dr. Madan Goyal for Week 35


Jake Brown – The ‘DABANGG’ Of X-Games

Well since, I’ve already told Y’all that I’m a TRUE FAN of THE X-GAMES. Lemme show you video of one of my Favorite X-Games Hero ” Jake Brown ” – The Skateboarder. He’s simply the phenomenal X-Games Skater of this time. 😉 8)

So, Let’s get back to the topic now. I was watching Summer X-Games 2007 LIVE on TV. I just couldn’t believed what I just witnessed. Jake Brown was in 1st position Gold Medal (with a Hell-Raising score of 95.33) so far in the Big Air Skate-X Event at Summer X Games 2007 at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He just do it again for his Final Run, went to 720. But Holy shit, The Worst thing that happened next that even I didn’t expected. He just fell off accidentally from the Big Air Ramp , over 50 Feets Up from the Ground ( OMFG !! Damn !! :O ). He lay unconscious for about 10 minutes as medical staff tended to him, but, amazingly, walked away from the scene and shocking the whole world. That’s something what I call INCREDIBLE !! 8)

Though he suffered from multiple injuries, a bruised liver, fractured wrist, and bruised lung. But Still, He is THE HERO of every X-Games Fan. \m/ 😉

\m/ Hell yeah \m/ .. That’s the Ultimate Spirit of a True Performer, as He never Gives Up, and not even Dies so easily. It was later announced as ” The Heaviest Slam Ever Seen At The X-Games”.

Really man, He’s the DABANGG (fearless and powerful) 😛

I’ve uploaded its Breath-taking Video

PS:- For Kids and some n00bs watching out there,
Please Don’t try to enact and even try this at anywhere.

Resize Your Image Files without Stretching Them

Well Guys, I’ve got something NEW for Y’all right now !! 😉 8)

We all are very fond of Collecting Images (Photos or Wallpapers) from Internet. But sometimes it really happens that we get those Images in small or big pixels/dimensions. So therefore, we don’t get the Images of our desired Dimension.

In order to somewhat resize them, we try out the ole school methods. 😛
Using MS Paint or similar kinda utilities, we either by changing their dimensions or stretching the whole Image. If we try to do them, we get some kinda Stretched (while Increasing their dimensions) and Compressed (while Decreasing their dimensions), making the Image completely very bad and ugly looking. 😛

I know you would say Adobe Photoshop would do it for sure. I agree, it really does this task. But somewhere I found that even Photoshop, though capable of re-sizing the Image to somewhat extent is unable to produce a good Image Quality while resizing. 😛

So, Regarding this thing, I’ve founded such Softwares which are capable of Resizing Your Images (Increasing/Decreasing the Pixels) without stretching the Image, and therefore making it as it was in its Original Dimensions. So You can get a separate Image file with changed dimensions/pixels. Now This is somewhat bit useful Fellows !! 😉 😛

  1. Photo Resizer Pro 3.9 :- This Software is simply The Best Image Resizing Utility I’ve used so far. It simply creates and saves a Separate Resized Image file , with a changed Pixel/Dimension of the Original Image File to another Folder. It’s very simple to use. It has other embedded features like:- Cropping , Enabling Effects, Embossing, Red Eye Reduction etc. etc. 😉

    Download Photo Resizer Pro 3.9 Software

  2. Picture Resize Genius 2.9 :- It’s a very nice Image resizing utility. It typically meant for resizing purposes only. It has some default Dimensions for resizing the Image. Like the above, It also has other special utilities, which gets Open in different Window. It also creates a Duplicate file with similar picture quality while Expanding the Dimension. However, It has certain problems while contracting the Image Dimensions as the Image gets unrecognizable (kinda blurred i must quote) after the whole transaction.

    Download Photo Resizer 2.9 Software

  3. Resize Multiple Image Files Software 7.0 :- It’s very compact kinda software, with less Options and Buttons. It’s typically also meant for resizing purposes only. It gives you an option either resize by percentage or resize by selecting Pixels (either manually or choosing one form the list of Default Dimensions in a Drop-down Menu).
    Download Resize Multiple Image Files Softwares 7.0 Software

Well, The following is actually an Image of a GRAFFITI and My Current GRAVATAR at My BLOG. I’ve just resized the above firstly, by expanding and then, by contracting its Dimensions and Pixels.

Take a look on the Images fellows !! 😉 8)

Image with Original Dimensions (403 X 500 pixels)

Resized Image with Expanded Dimensions (1000 X1241 pixels)

Resized Image with Contracted Dimensions (175 X 150 pixels)

As you could see that The Image has been resized to Large and Small Pixels. But the Image is neither looking blurred or ugly. 😉 So It’s Cool, Isn’t it ?? 😛

Well, There are a many Other Image Resizing Softwares like – Acronics True Image Home 13.0, Wallpaperio PSP Maker 1.0, Resize Images 1.0, Instant Stretch 3.0, Quick Photo Resizer 2.6, Resize Your Picture 4.2 etc. etc. ,which works like the above Softwares I’ve mentioned so far.

Well, Y’all could even Download and try them out as well. 😉
Rate and Send me some reviews on this post regarding this issue.
Addiozz !! 😉

… Our Excuses Murdered Responsibilities …

Referred n Inspired From :- Simply Annie’s Blog Post

Well, This is 21st Century – The Era of the New Generation. The time where the people of This Generation have to lay interest to run the World just like our ancestors did for us. We are expecting a lot from them. But It’s hopeless while looking to some of my Youth fellows, they possess addiction towards Fame and Money (using shortcuts), rather than handling the Responsibilities. They have built their own Fantasy Dream World getting so much addicted to hover around there, that they even started thinking this shit as reality. They’ve neither seen the real world nor they wanna see the reality. Seriously, They don’t give a F*ck about the current agenda. And therefore, The New Generation is causing Devolution Of the Human Race. 😛

Malaria, Swine flu, Cholera, etc. are not considered as diseases by today’s youth but commimentphobia, sex-addiction (satyromania), drug-addiction and even responsibilities are the big fishes in the pond. Yeah, if you question them about their lifestyle of switching to multiple partners, all you can hear is a lame excuse, “oh, I’m a commitment-phobic…didn’t I told you before” or for doing drugs, “you know, drug-addiction is similar to having an eating disorder“! We youngsters have developed such a escapism nature that whenever anything goes wrong, we end up framing these terms (excuses I would say) as an escort or perfect cheat guide from all our problems, plus you get sympathy of others. Whatelse we can ask for haa..!! This reminds me of a classmate of mine who just randomly cooked up a tragic story, was crying around to get everyone’s sympathy and some stupid things but the pathetic part is that when the truth got revealed she did not feel anything for her mistake but started blaming her teenage and said that people in this age usually end up doing so. And that time all that came in my mind was, wow girl what an excuse you made up to save your a**. I just wonder is it so difficult to take responsibility of our mistakes and face the consequences?

After having an experience in Social Networking Sites Like- MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter. Often I’ve noticed there Teenagers lamely bragging about themselves with shitty cheap Quotes, “Yeah you can’t handle my attitude”, “I don’t fear of anything “and blah blah blah. Ohh man !! WTF !! It makes me pissed and even sometimes more sick !! 😛

Inspite of talking too BIG like Longhorn Loudmouths, they are still running away from their responsibilities. I just wanna say those candy asses that If you’re matured enough to be like adults, then why are you running away from your responsibilities. Seriously fellows, . We wanna get old and get a driving licence, drive our own car, drink, party hard, do whatever we wanna do, but how many of us think of taking up our responsibilities….I bet only a few people must have thought of it. We only desire for the powers but responsibilities..we have got an excuse in store..isn’t it..?? And anyone understands his/her resposibilities, we pull them down by calling boring and retarded. Hey, who said that being responsible will take away all the fun.

Actually we are just growing physically but mentally we are as good as a 5 year old, for whom his demands are the most important thing, no worries about anything, only enjoying it all. And eventually when this bubble bursts that is when this ignored pile of responsibilities hit us hard all together; life turns dull, full of thorns and disappointments, we become loner and then we escort to suicide to run from this situation. This running and hiding from responsibilities, problems won’t held as it is gonna get us anyway…don’t believe then try yourself. Yeah, you can run, you can hide but you can’t escape your responsibilities.;) Facing it, is a better deal than trying to run because running away won’t help in a long run.

Well I hope besides just reading you learn something from it and I hope my words turn out to be an eye opener.
Feel free to post any further comments and reviews if you wanna share something on this topic.

Good day.. 😉 😀

“My World of Interests” – The Photo Collage Pop Art

Heyy guys !! Wassupp once again ?? 😉
I am gonna upload something very artistic thing using Newspaper Photo Cuttings
It’s none other than \m/ The Collage Pop Art \m/ folks !! 😉

Well, Pop Art is like making a Collage Art. Sometimes, It’s even also called as ” Photo Collage “. But here instead of cutting many photos into pieces and then, joining them to make a masterpiece, You have to take Pictures whether from magazines, newspaper etc. and just arrange them properly (no need to cut those Pics). But still, It’s upto your Idea and Innovation, that how you gonna make it so artistic and nice. 😉 😛

So, To be honest, on this kinda art, I’ve got this Idea from a various nice TV Art Shows called ” Art-Attack “ and ” M.A.D “. I’ve got the whole knowledge about that from there. 😉 Seriously Guys, Pop Art has inspired me a lot. It gave me too much inspiration that I used do this to decorate too much in my School Project and Practical Files. 😛

Now, I’m showing a piece of mine, which I’ve made this kinda art back in March 2010 during a Newspaper Collage Making Event at my Inter-College Fest called “MOKSHA”. Inside this Pop Art, I’ve described those Things around here in which I really take Interest naming it as ” My World Of Interests “. So regarding that, I’ve cut many Photos from Various Newspapers possibly i could, and pasted them in a particular manner, which looks kinda artistic. 😉

So, Take a look on it. 😉

My World Of Interest - The Collage Pop Art Work

So what do you really think about this one Folks ? 😉
RATE above and APPRECIATE below on my work, and even SHARE it with pleasure. 8)


It’s getting too Damn Hard to bear.
Those days are coming near and near,
As It’s The Worstest Days of The Year,
And your Heart just trembles with fear !!


It’s seems Like, The clock now-a-days..
is too much Tick-Tocking ,
As Examinations is going 24X7 in my Mind …
Too much vigorously Knocking !!

The Exam Stress

Too much to study for the Exams
Learning all the concepts of every single bit
The Syllabus is too lengthy,
It’s hardly gonna complete.
Need to pay attention from Today onwards,
Coz’, It’s fucking useless to Study at the Last Minute !! 😛


Need to clear all those Examinations,
Just for a while, Suffer That Bit Torcher and Pain,
Otherwise, Would definitely FAIL for sure,
And have to face it again next again !! 😛


Though, Bit scared from such evil threats,
not having any place to stand tall ,
Still, I Don’t give a DAMN about it,
and even not giving up so easily at all !!


Though the days of Depression n’ Insomnia
might have been back again,
You can’t easily move on,
But It’s not impossible that much
Just prepare myself Possibly the best
and even get practiced harshly,
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally,
And so Eventually,
Not Mugging like a Jackass Moron !! ;P ;P


In the meantym ,
I wish y’all the Best 2 awl ma fellows… ; ) ; )
awl we need out there is a damn Luck ,
Just focus n’ concentrate on your studies
More and More and More and More,
Yeah !! Infact , now even I feel that …
Examinations really sucks the Core !! ;P ;P


And By the Way Fellows,
if You’ve got such threats from Mr. Examinations
Simply Don’t pay attention to it
Try to be fearless n’ stand tall ,
Just Focus on your Studies and your Grades
Please, Don’t Let your Future on the Downfall !!! 😉 😛


All the Best For The Exams

All the Best For The Exams


Selected for :- Thursday Poet Rally Week 32 by Jingle and # 104 The Monday Poetry Train

Thanks to Jingle for nominating and giving The week 22 Perfect Poet Award.

As for Week 33,  I nominate Sumit Sarkar for the Perfect Poet Award.

Happy Rally 2 You All!