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… Our Excuses Murdered Responsibilities …

Referred n Inspired From :- Simply Annie’s Blog Post

Well, This is 21st Century – The Era of the New Generation. The time where the people of This Generation have to lay interest to run the World just like our ancestors did for us. We are expecting a lot from them. But It’s hopeless while looking to some of my Youth fellows, they possess addiction towards Fame and Money (using shortcuts), rather than handling the Responsibilities. They have built their own Fantasy Dream World getting so much addicted to hover around there, that they even started thinking this shit as reality. They’ve neither seen the real world nor they wanna see the reality. Seriously, They don’t give a F*ck about the current agenda. And therefore, The New Generation is causing Devolution Of the Human Race. 😛

Malaria, Swine flu, Cholera, etc. are not considered as diseases by today’s youth but commimentphobia, sex-addiction (satyromania), drug-addiction and even responsibilities are the big fishes in the pond. Yeah, if you question them about their lifestyle of switching to multiple partners, all you can hear is a lame excuse, “oh, I’m a commitment-phobic…didn’t I told you before” or for doing drugs, “you know, drug-addiction is similar to having an eating disorder“! We youngsters have developed such a escapism nature that whenever anything goes wrong, we end up framing these terms (excuses I would say) as an escort or perfect cheat guide from all our problems, plus you get sympathy of others. Whatelse we can ask for haa..!! This reminds me of a classmate of mine who just randomly cooked up a tragic story, was crying around to get everyone’s sympathy and some stupid things but the pathetic part is that when the truth got revealed she did not feel anything for her mistake but started blaming her teenage and said that people in this age usually end up doing so. And that time all that came in my mind was, wow girl what an excuse you made up to save your a**. I just wonder is it so difficult to take responsibility of our mistakes and face the consequences?

After having an experience in Social Networking Sites Like- MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter. Often I’ve noticed there Teenagers lamely bragging about themselves with shitty cheap Quotes, “Yeah you can’t handle my attitude”, “I don’t fear of anything “and blah blah blah. Ohh man !! WTF !! It makes me pissed and even sometimes more sick !! 😛

Inspite of talking too BIG like Longhorn Loudmouths, they are still running away from their responsibilities. I just wanna say those candy asses that If you’re matured enough to be like adults, then why are you running away from your responsibilities. Seriously fellows, . We wanna get old and get a driving licence, drive our own car, drink, party hard, do whatever we wanna do, but how many of us think of taking up our responsibilities….I bet only a few people must have thought of it. We only desire for the powers but responsibilities..we have got an excuse in store..isn’t it..?? And anyone understands his/her resposibilities, we pull them down by calling boring and retarded. Hey, who said that being responsible will take away all the fun.

Actually we are just growing physically but mentally we are as good as a 5 year old, for whom his demands are the most important thing, no worries about anything, only enjoying it all. And eventually when this bubble bursts that is when this ignored pile of responsibilities hit us hard all together; life turns dull, full of thorns and disappointments, we become loner and then we escort to suicide to run from this situation. This running and hiding from responsibilities, problems won’t held as it is gonna get us anyway…don’t believe then try yourself. Yeah, you can run, you can hide but you can’t escape your responsibilities.;) Facing it, is a better deal than trying to run because running away won’t help in a long run.

Well I hope besides just reading you learn something from it and I hope my words turn out to be an eye opener.
Feel free to post any further comments and reviews if you wanna share something on this topic.

Good day.. 😉 😀

4 responses

  1. true sentiments,
    we do act that way,
    Glad that you highlighted this topic.

    November 6, 2010 at 21:11


    perfect poet award for you.
    Happy Saturday!

    November 6, 2010 at 21:10

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