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Jake Brown – The ‘DABANGG’ Of X-Games

Well since, I’ve already told Y’all that I’m a TRUE FAN of THE X-GAMES. Lemme show you video of one of my Favorite X-Games Hero ” Jake Brown ” – The Skateboarder. He’s simply the phenomenal X-Games Skater of this time. 😉 8)

So, Let’s get back to the topic now. I was watching Summer X-Games 2007 LIVE on TV. I just couldn’t believed what I just witnessed. Jake Brown was in 1st position Gold Medal (with a Hell-Raising score of 95.33) so far in the Big Air Skate-X Event at Summer X Games 2007 at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He just do it again for his Final Run, went to 720. But Holy shit, The Worst thing that happened next that even I didn’t expected. He just fell off accidentally from the Big Air Ramp , over 50 Feets Up from the Ground ( OMFG !! Damn !! :O ). He lay unconscious for about 10 minutes as medical staff tended to him, but, amazingly, walked away from the scene and shocking the whole world. That’s something what I call INCREDIBLE !! 8)

Though he suffered from multiple injuries, a bruised liver, fractured wrist, and bruised lung. But Still, He is THE HERO of every X-Games Fan. \m/ 😉

\m/ Hell yeah \m/ .. That’s the Ultimate Spirit of a True Performer, as He never Gives Up, and not even Dies so easily. It was later announced as ” The Heaviest Slam Ever Seen At The X-Games”.

Really man, He’s the DABANGG (fearless and powerful) 😛

I’ve uploaded its Breath-taking Video

PS:- For Kids and some n00bs watching out there,
Please Don’t try to enact and even try this at anywhere.