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Ways to Bust n’ Kill Stress

Hello Guys !! 8)
I’m back again after suffering a lot from the Examinations.
To be Honest, some of my Examinations had gone quite good,but not to the expected level and some of them not even good.

In a nutshell, I’ve done quite good in my Third Semester Final Examinations but that much brilliant which is simply called “Awesome”. 😛

Though I’ve a bit regret for that I didn’t performed well for this Semester. Even I honestly admire the fact as well. But still, I’m taking a Chill-Pill and getting out from Misery for a while cause I know the reason that It’s DAMN useless to take such stress Before, During and even After the Examinations. 😛

Moreover, There are other things in our lives which are more fatal than Examinations. Be prepare for that. What you say about that huh ?:) 8)

Now getting straight to the point. 😛
Well, Stress is the response of the brain to unpleasant events for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control. This eventually causes Headache, Backache, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Hypertension, creating a negative environment all around especially during tough situations Like- Examinations. So Therefore, Having Stress all the time is a very very badly thing and we should try to kill it as soon as possible.

Recent research has shown that a high stress lifestyle, combined with a junk food diet results in weight gain (particularly abdominal fat). We can avoid junk food, but avoiding stress can be a lot more challenging.

I’ve searched certain ways to Kill Stress and got some Stress Busting Methods, which we ought to do. Some of them, we usually forget to do or hardly tried to do that.

Now, I would like to share the following Stress-Busting Methods, which are worth useful to eradicate them easily.

  1. Use deep breathing – breathe in through your nose down to your stomach, hold your breath, and breathe out through your mouth.
  2. Get aerobic exercise daily.
  3. Take a walk, even a very short one when you’re upset.
  4. Practice Yoga or Tai Chi or progressive relaxation.
  5. Enjoy the Soothing Aspects of Water – swim or take a bath or a shower.
  6. Make time to talk to friends and family members.
  7. Pet and play with an animal.
  8. Watch TV Shows (especially Cartoons & Comedy shows) for a while
  9. Listen to or play uplifting music.
  10. Read an inspiring book, sing a song, recite a poem.
  11. Spend time in nature.
  12. Avoid black and white thinking – few things in life are hopeless.
  13. Choose positive thoughts -paste them on your mirror.
  14. Restrict your viewing of upsetting media.
  15. Pick your battles – you can’t solve every problem.
  16. Write down your goals and strategies for reaching them.
  17. Take vacations from your normal routines.
  18. Work on such Hobbies where you’ve your interest.
  19. Don’t compare your failures with others’ success.
  20. Spend quiet time to get back in touch with yourself.

Eventually we get Stress free by such methods, making our mind calm and quite, so that we could get back to our concerned work with positive energy.

Therefore, Never DARE to underestimate the power of exercise in reducing stress and alleviating depression.

Well, I’ve experimented some of them with myself so far nad got nice results,which really helped me a lot during my tough days of Examinations. 😛

Now, It’s time that y’all should try out the same. Mark my words, You won’t get any kind of Stress, Tension or even Retarded-kinda Feeling after applying many of them with you for a while.

Try’em all Fellows !! 8)