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My 1st C/C++ Game – Rattle Snake Game

Well Guys !!
After studying and practicing more like HELL in Programming for years, I’ve finally came to one of its very cool and fascinating application : Gaming, on which I’ve made – A Rattle Snake Game in C/C++ Programming Language.

It’s a very Simple and Common Game, not that complicated and even not that challenging. However, It’s a great step to Get Started with Game Programming in C/C++. I’ve made this Game using logically sound Algorithms, Concepts on Arrays, Structures and Loops, and also DOS Graphics. However, It requires some nice Skills and more Practice to Built and Run such a program.

I’ve just done the Gaming Part, where you’ll get to see the whole body of the Snake (including its Head and Tail as well :P) moving accordingly to Player’s Key Movements.The Snake’s body gets increasing after consuming the Food/Egg on its way,which is quite animative. As obvious, the Game gets Over, when the Snake structs the Walls or even its own body foolishly :P. Moreover, I’ve designed an Instructions Menu for getting an Help in moving the Snake and a Scorecard which would keep an updated score during the Game, which hopefully would be an attractive and helpful thing to get notice upon. 8)

I would upload all its screenshots probably on my upcoming Post.

So far, I’ve laid emphasis on the Gaming Part,which has been completed and running successfully. But, Certain Animations are still required to make Game Intro, Menus and Outro are yet to be done. So, There’s an unfinished job for completing it in a whole. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete’em just before my College Holidays.

As a matter of fact, many Elite Programmers have made so even more better than me, on various Programming Languages like – JAVA, PASCAL, C#,FORTRAN, PIKE, PHP etc. alongwith some  Modern Graphic Techniques like API, OpenGL etc., which are quite more compatible to Run successfully on my Platform as compared to mine.

But the purpose of making this Game, is simply understanding all the concepts which I’ve leaned so far and exploring furthermore in the filed of Game Programming.

Soon, I’m gonna upload the Full Game, when I’m done with its Finishing Work. Hopefully, It comes soon ASAP. 😉

P.S. :- It’s very very easy to play Game in your PCs and Laptops. But it’s F*cking too Hard to make such Games through Programming Languages.

Rollin’ Back Some Memories of 2010

Here we go Guys !! 8)

One more Week or simply let say, Just 7 more days to go, for ending the Current Year: 2010 and welcoming the upcoming Prosperous New Year: 2011.

2010 – The Year which was yet another Roller-coaster Ride for me. A wonderful experience with some Thrills and Fantasy, even counter-attacked with some Nightmares and Chimeras as well.

Well Guys, I am rollin’ back some of mine nice and sweet 2010 memories with very awesome and unforgettable moments, which I definitely would like to share with y’all over here. So much to tell ya about this year, because sometimes some days of this year were something different and so amazing for me.

Sit back and Keep on Reading further. Cause during these dawning days of 2010, I’m gonna Publish a New Post with some Stills (Photographs) and Motions (Videos) as a Token of Memory, on every instances which were remarkably something special for me so far.

So !! Keep on Reading Folks, while I Keep on Posting more on me and my Life till this Year Ends !!

Cyaa !! 😛

Get Free E-books from ‘E-booksX’

I’ve just browsed through Internet for downloading E-books for my IT Programming course. And finally, I’ve got to see this Website Site. It’s a very good to site to get E-books, not only Programming, but also on other topics Like- Literature, Humor, Tutorials etc. etc. In short, It’s a place where you could find E-books on various topics by many renowned authors and publishers.

Recently I began to buy eBooks for the Kindle application on my iPad. While I still love paper books, the digital wiles of eBooks are looking increasingly attractive to me. Below are five eBook features that may tempt you to buy electronic books too.

I should note that I wasn’t a hold-out on eBooks for moral reasons. I simply couldn’t access them until recently. Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader and Barnes & Noble’s Nook have all been either unavailable to people outside the US, or the eBook stores to populate them have been inaccessible. However with the Kindle for iPad, I’ve finally been able to enjoy the forbidden fruit of eBooks.

Moreover, You’ve got certain reasons to prefer E-books better than normal Paper Books. Here they are as follows :-

1. Social Highlighting

I must add that one thing I miss about paper books is the personal touch, for example receiving a book from a friend with their marked up highlights. By contrast, there’s something a bit impersonal about electronic highlighting. But perhaps eBooks will evolve to enable more personal sharing of highlights, perhaps even mimicing your hand writing style.Being able to highlight quotes and passages and easily find them again is a key feature that eBooks have over paper books. This activity can also be social – Audrey Watters pointed me to an Amazon Kindle page featuring the most highlighted passages of all time.

2. Notes

The ability to create and then easily display archived notes is a big plus for eBooks. Instead of scribbling in small writing in the margins of a paper book, you can type a clear note in your eReader.

3. Look-up of words

I recently bought a few books of poetry in the Kindle Store. Readers of poetry will know that modern poets like to use big and esoteric words. So one feature I have really enjoyed over the past week is tapping a word and having the definition displayed below. Very helpful and something that made me thankful I had the eBook version of the poetry.

4. Ability to Tweet & Facebook quotes

@Tooq commented via Twitter that he/she likes the ability to tweet or send to Facebook quotes from books, on the Kindle. This feature was introduced to Amazon Kindle 2.5 at the end of April.

5. Search

You can search for topics or keywords inside your eBook, or out on the Web. Similar to the word look-up feature, this is something that augments the reading experience.

Most of these features are just the tip of the iceberg of what eBooks are capable of. As ReadWriteWeb’s Curt Hopkins opined yesterday, “the e-book format has inherent multimedia possibilities: trailers, background and reference materials, interviews, actors reciting the poems the book contains.”

Those multimedia features probably need to come from publishers, rather than eReader manufacturers.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments what your current favorite eBook features are. Or are you still a paper book hold-out?

I must recommend to you to JOIN this one for sure. Though You’ve to fetch some MONEY initially for that cause it’s not for FREE 😛 Still, It’s cool.

!! Have a Try !!



Thizz 1 the new Item in the house 4m the evil genius …
U knw him damn well…no need 2 mention again n’ again…..
Talkin’ abt. the modern raps these dayz…..
Hope u appreciate Thizz 1 as well….

So letz start  this 1 bro !!!

aaaee Yo………

Livin’ in ths modern era….
Heard n’Xperienced so much muzik
where sum voices r awesum
n’ their beat is toooooooooooooo sick ; )

But …
Un4tun8ly … there are some muther-f*ckers
makin this era of muzik non-sense …
Just in the name of Modernity
They present us something else !! 😛

Writin’ such Childish Rhyming Lines
R they tryin’ 2 kidding me ?? ;P
With too much Lack of SkiLLs
Now , They even damn killing me !! ;P ;P

They ain’t hve dat much enuf potential…
ain’t have tht damn passion n’ ability
They dnt even rock !!
as U just set a DJ for the grooves …
Just for the creditability…
ohh !! so Shut the F*ck up u silly dork !! ;P

still they self proclaim themselves
“The King Of Hip-Hop” ..ROFL….LMAO.. ;P ;P !!
Dnt knw why…What does make u call so ??
cOz’ talkin’ useless d*cks n’ sh*ts evrytym in ur lines ..
doesn’t make any sense at all yo !! ;P

Sum pretenders n’ hypocrites might like u….
u always fulfill their damn needs in ur VDOs
Just Puttin’ muscle cars , hot chixx n’ sum bling bling
Doin’ sumthing innovative ?? … ohh pleease ..
na na na … Damn !! not any more… ;P ;P

StiLL after doin’ so much tortures  ;P
u might’ve got the fame…
But ur not a FreesTyLe eMcEE yo …
Ur jst an ovrrated Rapper…
The damn gambler of Hip-Hop..
spoilin’ this art with ur Lame Name !!

talked too much over this issue …
we all r getting’ pissed-off ,
But dnt go anywhere yo..
as m not over yet at all …
n not afraid of NE jackass
so my rap wud still cum on !!

Haaaa-Haaaaaaaa..!! ;P

This What a Rap is called , n' I'm proud to be a RAPPER


Heyy Guys !! Wassup ?? 😉 8)

Man !! Just a weird shitty thing happened with me this Thursday morning. Well Actually, I had a normal DREAM last midnight, which unfortunately transformed into a damn fucking NIGHTMARE 😛

Heyy !! I know It’s kinda STUPID SHIT I’m expressing today.
Still, I’m gonna write few lines what just happened on Yesterday.

In my DREAM, It was simply a Beautiful and Pleasant Day like normally happens. We, me and my Elder Sis, were going to some place on our car. I just stopped the Car on the Roadside to have a Cold Drink. So I let my Sis to buy for us. She bought LIMCA instead of MONTAIN DEW. I shouted on her why she did so. And so, we both started quarreling inside the Car. Suddenly, A Truck completely lost with Balance, approached towards us and blew horn so many times. But since we both were too busy in our argument, we didn’t even noticed the HORN. As a result, It was Too Late to realize as The Truck had a COLLOIDAL CRASH with our Car and we met with a FATAL ACCIDENT. Within few moments everything appeared RED in front of my eyes and I almost JUMPED literally from my Bed. Then, later I realized that I was dreaming a NIGHTMARE.

I really dunno that we both either survived or died in my dream, and I don’t even wanna further know the next about it. All I know the FACT that, it just delivered me a horrible, terrible and terrifying IMPACT in my mind for few moments.

I know it sometimes happens as it’s just a DREAM not the REALITY. But Still, I researched on it through many websites. I’ve got some necessary info. regarding the topic, which now I’m gonna share with Y’all at here right now. 8)

Well Basically, A ” NIGHTMARE “ is just a dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the sleeper, typically fear and/or horror. The DREAM may contain situations of danger, discomfort, psychological or physical terror. Sufferers usually awaken in a state of distress and may be unable to return to sleep for a prolonged period of time.

Moreover in Scientific terms, A ” NIGHTMARE “ is a dream which causes one to wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle and experience a negative emotion, such as fear. This type of event occurs on average once per month. Fearfulness in waking life is correlated with the incidence of nightmares.

FEAR during and even after the NIGHTMARE

It has been proven by Science that almost everyone has experienced one or more dreams that contain anxiety or outright fear. For some, unpleasant dreams or nightmares recur repeatedly; for others, the content may change while the theme remains the same, such as scenes of falling, or of being pursued or attacked, late or unprepared for a presentation or an exam, stuck in slow motion, unable to move or scream, to name a few common themes. This type of experience, when unpleasant, is usually associated with lack of progress by the dreamer to recognize and solve related conflicts in life. It even sometimes sends you a message on upcoming problem to be faced in FUTURE. :O

Well after getting some knowledge about NIGHTMARES, this reminds me the INCEPTION movie. You get KILLED somehow in your Dream, immediately you get KICKED from there either to the reality or even to a Dream of Lower-Level.

Well, like I mentioned in my Dream where I met with an accident (a KICK from my Dream to Reality), which made me to jump out from my Bed, making me terrified for a while. It’s nothing but simply a Psychological Impact on a person, where he/she suddenly reacts on something that he/she were never expecting (even if they are “Dreaming” :P)

Ohh Man, Such Kinda INCEPTIONs really happens in real life. 😉 😛

Duhh … It doesn’t happen occasionally, not even regularly. It just happens suddenly out-of-nowhere. It’s very very very inevitable, unpredictable and unexpecting.

PS:- After reading this POST, Don’t even think that I’m weirdo and retarded kinda guy.
It’s just my own perception of what I felt currently. Simply just the way I am. 😉
Moreover, Please Don’t DENY with the FACT that It doesn’t happens with Y’all.
Just Embrace It n00bs 😛

Insert ‘Flag Counter’ in your Blog

Well Guys !!
I’ve just found an amazing cool Stuff which is an awesome Widget for my Blog. It’s just a Flag Counter, which simply counts the number of visitors from different countries across the Globe. It’s a very Cool Stuff to add in your Blog. Here you’ll get an idea about the countries of visitors viewing your Blog.

Not only for Blogs Like- WordPress and Blogspot, Add a free Flag Counter to any webpage and collect flags from all over the world. Every time someone from a new country visits you, a flag will be added to your counter. Not only will this make your site far more interesting, but clicking on your Flag Counter will reveal amazing information and charts!

It’s very very simple to add to your Blog.
1st of all, visit the Official Flag Counter Website. Then create your very own Flag Counter.
For that, you’ve got two options for representing the Visiting Stats :-
(a) Top Countries – where you could see Flags of Top Countries in order
(b) Flag Map – where you could see a World Map with Flags of all Visiting Countries
However, (b) is bit hectic . So I recommend you Try (a) . 😉
Further options are very simple and understandable. You’ll easily get with it. 😀 8)

When your done with the desired settings, Click on the button “Get your Flag Counter”. After that, it would ask for your e-mail, so that you could have an access to manipulate or change settings of your Flag Counter. You could even Skip the Option if you don’t want to manipulate so in future. Then you’ll get the HTML Code for your Flag Counter, which you could even Post on your Blog.

For inserting it as a Widget on your WordPress Blog like I’ve done in mine, copy the HTML Code from the Flag Counter Website Code Box . Then visit to you Blog. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the HTML Text Tab on your sidebar Menu. Paste the HTML Code, add a suitable Heading (your wish) and Save/Activate it.

Finally, you’ve inserted it in your Blog. It automatically counts the Page Views of your Blog and categories every visitor in respective countries. You and other visitors would get to see the Page views from different counties of your Blog.

!! Just make one and Have Fun !!

Install and Run C++ In Windows 7

Well Guys, Since most of us are having Windows 7 Operating Systems in our PCs or Lappies.

I’ve noticed that there is problem in Installing some of the Old C++ compliers (especially Turbo C++). A lot of my friends are still having a difficulty in Installing and further Running the Application.

Regarding this issue,  I’ve searched through Internet and finally, discovered its Solution, which I’m gonna with y’all right now in the following Points Step-by-Step.

Installation of TurboC++ in Windows 7

1. Download Turbo C++ complier, which is easily available on various Software Sharing Websites.
Otherwise, Download from here
2. Extract the zip files to: e.g. C:\TurboC

step1 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Extract zip files

3. Run the installation file: C:\TurboC\INSTALL.EXE

step2 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Run the install

4. Press Enter to continue

step3 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Press Enter to continue

5. Enter the Source drive: e.g.C   and press Enter to continue

step4 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Enter the Source drive

6. Enter the Source path: \TURBOC    and press Enter to continue

step5 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Enter the Source path

7. In directories, Specify where Turbo C files are copied. E.g.  C:\TC . When done go to start instalation and press Enter

step6 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Specify where Turbo C++ files are copied

Hence, Your Installation is successful. 😀

step7 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Succesfull instalation

8. Launch from your destination      e.g.   C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE

step8 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7Launch from your destination

Sometimes, It might not Run properly or even would be unable to Run. So therefore, After Downloading and Installing Turbo C++ complier in your System, We now require a DosBox Software, which is capable of running Turbo C++ Complier in Windows 7 64-Bit format very easily.

Installation of DosBox in Windows 7

1. Install the software DOSBox ver 0.73 :Download from here

2. Run the DOSBox 0.73 from the icon located on the desktop:
step 1 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
3. Type the following commands at the command prompt

[Z]: mount d c:\Turbo\ [The folder TC is present inside the folder Turbo]

Now you should get a message which says: Drive D is mounted as a local directory c:\Turbo\
step 2 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
4. Type d: to shift to d:
step 3 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
5. Next follow the commands below:

cd tc

cd bin

tc or tc.exe [This starts you the Turbo C++ 3.0]

step 4 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
6. In the Turbo C++ goto Options>Directories> Change the source of TC to the source directory [D] ( i.e. virtual D: refers to original c:\Turbo\ . So make the path change to something like D:\TC\include and D:\TC\lib respectively )

Starting TurboC++ in the DOSBox automatically:

You can save yourself some time by having DOSBox automatically mount your folders and start TurboC++:

For DOSBox versions older then 0.73 browse into program installation folder and open the dosbox.conf file in any text editor. For version 0.73 go to Start Menu and click on “Configuration” and then “Edit Configuration“. Then scroll down to the very end, and add the lines which you want to automatically execute when DOSBox starts.
Automatically mount and start Turbo C++3.0 in DOSBox ver 0.73:
step 5 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
Scroll down to the very end, and add the lines:
step 6 How to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64bit
Those commands will be executed automatically when DOSBox starts!
Please note: For Full screen: Alt and Enter

When you exit from the DosBox [precisely when u unmount the virtual drive where Turbo C++ 3.0 has been mounted] all the files you have saved or made changes in Turbo C++ 3.0 will be copied into the source directory(The directory which contains TC folder)

PS:- Don’t use shortcut keys to perform operations in TC because they might be a shortcut key for DOSBOX also . Eg : Ctrl+F9 will exit DOSBOX rather running the code .

Moreover, I’ve uploaded an VIDEO tutorial for your convenience. Take a look on it Fellows.



Well guys !! I’ve come to another topic and would like to throw some light regarding on this issue as well. Hope you’ll like this one and try to share your views and further discuss here as well.

So, NGO is basically called “Non-Governmental Organisation”, a Non-Profit body which helps Poor Underprivileged People and probably they would ask for Donation and Charity, from y’all in order to complete their goals. Many NGOs around the Globe are highly active to provide such services during Emergency and Non-Emergency situations.

Well, Money is an issue, since anyone can’t help everyone. And, I guess we all are kind and concerned enough to donate something for Humanity. Hopefully!! 😛

When we see some poor people in need, we all probably go for such NGOs sometimes, where we donate either money or materials, all of them are useful to fulfill the needs of those people who are desperately in need. Even many Famous personalities (whether a politician, an industrialist, a sportsperson or an entertainer) across the Globe, are more willing and capable enough do so by donating huge amount to any particular Charity or Trust, just to save their Taxes. It might be a Current Trend or even a Social Hype among the people (especially Teens and Youths). But still, it promotes Humanity. Atleast, through our humble efforts, someone would get a reason to live.

The number of internationally operating NGOs is estimated at 40,000. National numbers are even higher: Russia has 277,000 NGOs. and India is estimated to have around 3.3 million NGOs. That means NGOs are enough available Worldwide to help the people in need.

But what we’re witnessing these days that many NGOs are not functioning in right way. As a mater of fact, through their aims and works, they’ve changed its whole definition.

Since a lot of money is being donated year by year by many Benevolent Persons, it has also become a source of Earning Money. They are seeking their own Profit to fill their own comforts and luxuries. They’ve ultimately made it as “Business”, from where they could earn more and more money from us in the names of Charity. Eventually we are helping to fulfill their own needs. It’s now hard to find and then trust to a Benevolent NGO these days. Because, you can’t really trust on them as you’re even not sure whether they are helping the needy people or not.

I really found these aims of such so-called NGOs very lame and cheap. Sometimes, It even makes me hopeless and sick to feel that how they make themselves feel good by looting money from us like that, achieving their own desires and even not helping those who are fully dependent on us. Well, this is 21st century my friends, where Vandalism and Corruption is at the peak. Whether it’s on High or Low Level, these two shits would happen here for sure and f*ck the whole generation.

I’m really so much pissed from such so-called NGOs coming and asking for Charity these days. They brag so much about their achievements in helping the Underprivileged People, but hardly have done a shit for them. Well, I know such couple of NGOs that do so. But I won’t be revealing the names and further discussing here to create controversy. Honestly speaking, I don’t even spend my single penny as donation to such corrupt phonies. Because I won’t be DAMN sure whether they would help those needy people or take away with them and squander my and other benevolent fellows’ money like Brats. Rather I prefer more to donate something like- Old Books, Clothes, Shoes etc. to those poor people by myself. Atleast I would be getting an assurance that my donation has been gone to the Right Person. Moreover, it gives me more happiness and satisfaction to see them.

So therefore, I’ve some Important Points to Ponder :

—>  Go for that Trust to whom you could Trust.

—> However, if you genuinely want to help those needy persons with complete satisfaction, but you don’t even trust any such NGOs who might fulfill your desires. Then it’s far better to donate to them by your own.

We all even could help them by giving proper education and Lifestyle. Here, not only you would be getting a cent percent assurance and reliability, but also a satisfaction and a pursuit of happiness by helping the Right People in Right Time.

!! Serve for Humanity !!