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Thizz 1 the new Item in the house 4m the evil genius …
U knw him damn well…no need 2 mention again n’ again…..
Talkin’ abt. the modern raps these dayz…..
Hope u appreciate Thizz 1 as well….

So letz start  this 1 bro !!!

aaaee Yo………

Livin’ in ths modern era….
Heard n’Xperienced so much muzik
where sum voices r awesum
n’ their beat is toooooooooooooo sick ; )

But …
Un4tun8ly … there are some muther-f*ckers
makin this era of muzik non-sense …
Just in the name of Modernity
They present us something else !! 😛

Writin’ such Childish Rhyming Lines
R they tryin’ 2 kidding me ?? ;P
With too much Lack of SkiLLs
Now , They even damn killing me !! ;P ;P

They ain’t hve dat much enuf potential…
ain’t have tht damn passion n’ ability
They dnt even rock !!
as U just set a DJ for the grooves …
Just for the creditability…
ohh !! so Shut the F*ck up u silly dork !! ;P

still they self proclaim themselves
“The King Of Hip-Hop” ..ROFL….LMAO.. ;P ;P !!
Dnt knw why…What does make u call so ??
cOz’ talkin’ useless d*cks n’ sh*ts evrytym in ur lines ..
doesn’t make any sense at all yo !! ;P

Sum pretenders n’ hypocrites might like u….
u always fulfill their damn needs in ur VDOs
Just Puttin’ muscle cars , hot chixx n’ sum bling bling
Doin’ sumthing innovative ?? … ohh pleease ..
na na na … Damn !! not any more… ;P ;P

StiLL after doin’ so much tortures  ;P
u might’ve got the fame…
But ur not a FreesTyLe eMcEE yo …
Ur jst an ovrrated Rapper…
The damn gambler of Hip-Hop..
spoilin’ this art with ur Lame Name !!

talked too much over this issue …
we all r getting’ pissed-off ,
But dnt go anywhere yo..
as m not over yet at all …
n not afraid of NE jackass
so my rap wud still cum on !!

Haaaa-Haaaaaaaa..!! ;P

This What a Rap is called , n' I'm proud to be a RAPPER

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