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The Parrot Fashion of Education

Referred From :- Simply Annie’s Blog

Education is the process of learning through either theory or practical to improve one’s mind and character. India has about millions of educational institutions consisting of kindergarten, primary and senior secondary schools, colleges, professional and technical institutes; but Indian education system putted on lesser emphasis on practical knowledge than too much concerned theory part. That’s why students love reading novels with pleasure but not the course books.
Moreover, the subjects of senior secondary, graduation and post-graduation should be according to the subjects which play a crucial role in particular career, the trigger point should be on these subjects. Also, its high time now that Moral Education should be introduced in the curriculum of school and colleges both; as role of education is not just adding more to one’s knowledge but improving one’s character and behaviour aswell, isn’t it.. ?

Now lets move on to Indian students, most of us have adopted the trend of studying at the 11th hour..seems like last-minute cramming is a characteristic of us, the students. We would mug up tha whole matter a night before without understanding a single word. Well and when these students become civil engineers, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. they getDelhi all set for CWG at not even 11th but the 12th hour (just an example.. :P ). And our education system is producing n number of Parrots instead of intellectuals. I am afraid to say that many, infact a large number of teachers give a 10 on 10 to tha word to word exact copy of books or notes in the answer sheet. This misleading act of the teachers in the end is going to harm each and every system whether judiciary, administry, economy, etc. because only crammers will get encouraged.

I think we, students really need to taste a scoop of reality that this parrot culture and your degree (earned by mugging everything) may fetch you a job but it won’t let you save your job because as much as I know there is no theory book for professionals to cram.

Even the super hit movie 3 Idiots pointed out this issue and it is better for all the students to keep in mind that – “Kamyabi k peeche mat bhaago…balki kaabil banne k peeche bhago..aur dekhna fir kamyabi khud jhakk maar k tumhare peecge aayegi”.

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