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HONESTY is the BEST POLICY (Day 2 of Truth)

30 Days of Truth

The following Post is for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…


I won’t consider to brag this thing as my Specialty. It’s simply, Just the Way I am.

I really admire and believe in Honesty, Truth and Loyalty. And therefore, I like to be Honest,Truthful and Loyal to be with everybody.  I neither like to be Fake nor tried to be Fake. Even I hate such phonies who are very Pretentious and Fake. For me, they are ‘Big Time Losers’ who really don’t have any Identity of themselves. Get a Life, n00bs !! 😛

Well, so talking about my Honesty, this reminds me some instances of my Childhood Memories when we used to play Cricket in Streets. Whether I was batting, bowling, fielding or even just spectating the game, all the guys would treat me as an Umpire. Whenever there is a doubt in an “OUT” of the batsman, they all would appeal for it to me because they used to have a trust and belief that I would definitely give right and honest decision to them. Sometimes, Even I had also made mistakes by giving them some Wrong Decisions. But still, they would admit it happily without any argument.

This Honesty and Loyalty Acid Test is still being taken on me, even now being a Senior in my College. I honestly give suggestions to my Juniors when they ask my recommendations for Books and Study Materials. I don’t tried my best not to misguide and confuse them from my views. What I’ve experienced so far, I just honestly tell them. I neither give Studious advices like “Study all time 24X7” nor Rebellious advices like “Study only at last minute”. I simply just say to them,” It really doesn’t matter how much does it takes. The thing is, Study your Syllabus by taking some Interest on them and Learn it by Heart. Also, enjoy the College Life alongwith as well.” 😉  8)

Moreover, I’ve many favorites of mine in every category of Sports Like – Cricket, Football,  X-Games, WWE etc. and also in Entertainment Like- Movies, Music, Televisions Reality Shows etc. But I don’t support Favoritism and Biasing while giving any opinions and reviews on them. I try to give my unbiased views right from the neutral as possible, so that people won’t be having any doubt on later that I am giving my views on the basis of my own likings. Even my friend just appreciated for my reviews about Movies very recently by giving me “Best Critics Awards”, just for FUN. 😛

But looking forward to The Real World, being Honest sometimes is like whipping your own ass. I’m not saying to be Fake every time with everybody. I would still say to be Honest, but with some Smartness. We all should know ‘Where to say’, ‘When to Say’, ‘How to Say’ and therefore, ‘What to Say’ to someone, because We can’t be Honest with everybody around here. Moreover in these days, Some people won’t be believing in you and your Honestly. The Fact is :- They really NEVER Trust you even if you are Honest and True all with them. This brings to another story, which I would reveal here later some another day. Anyways, Let’s finally come to an conclusion :-

Be just the way you are. Don’t Fake. Stay Honest and Loyal.


30 Days of Truth
The above Post was for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…

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