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“The Music Girl II” – Sketching and Crayon-Coloring

Well Guys, I’m not done yet !!
Actually, I’ve to even made another Poster for my College Fest Event (organised by me and my friends), which I’ve already mentioned in my previous Post.

No no time waste in discussion and Let’s move Further. 😛

Well Last time, I’ve made a Pencil Sketching of a Girl with a Headphone on her head, depicting as she is Listening Music. And also, some Graffiti as well. But, This time I’ve made a bit simple just to complete as faster. So I made a simple Cartoon of a Music Girl. After Sketching (with some rubbing and re-drawing), It’s time to apply some color. But this this time, I’ve again used Wax Crayons for base with some Oil Pastel Colors for highlighting.

And ultimately, you get your Job done like this. 😀


Looking too Cute huh !! xD .. xoxoxoxo .. ^_^

Again Back with my Graffiti Forte, suiting the Sketch and even with the Theme.


After merging them, it ultimately becomes  an One Complete Cute Crayon Poster Art.


Well, I’ve left some space here for writing some cool catchphrases.

Hopefully, People would come for our Event after looking on this very Simple Poster as well and getting fascinated towards it,ultimately getting a huge attendance for our Event. 😛

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