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I’m Not PERFECT (Day 3 Of Truth)

The following Post is for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself… and that ultimately leads to happiness.

30 Days of Truth


Sad But True !! I’m NOT really what I wanted to be.

To some extent, I am Multitasking but I’m not Master in everything as even I’m not perfect.

Well, It begins like this, whenever you achieve something in the beginning in any particular field. People really appreciating your triumph and eventually, they start expecting more and more to achieve something BIG and EPIC from yourself. Here’s the FACT: – While admiring on your achievements, people begin to imagine that you’ve become some kinda expert or “Guru” in that field, who could do probably do anything. They Over-rate you sometimes for what you’re doing, just to Brag about their friends’ achievements in front of others. Kinda Weird Thing I suppose !! But that’s TRUE sometimes. 😛

It usually happens with me. Whenever I achieve something in my particular field of interest, whether it was poetry/rapping, mimicry, artwork or computer programming. I’ve got a lot of unexpected compliments from many, in School, in College, in Facebook, and even in my Blog and to whom I really admire for their kind support. But on the contrary, I also have to confront some people sometimes, who would come to you for a while and say something GOOD on your achievement in the meantime. They even would give you a Title as “The Pro”, “The Champ” and “The Studin that field. Well at the beginning, it feels GOOD for a time. But later it becomes so annoying that I really get pissed-off when people still calling me so, just for their FUN. And even if you didn’t come to their so-called lame expectations, they demoralize you for that. Now that really Bamboozles me a lot !!

I had certain instances in my Life. But I would tell you about that some another day.

Coming straight back to the point. Neither I want such people who just appreciating me just for namesake, nor such people who even over-rate me and my talent. Expecting a genuine and worthily helpful compliment is something else. It is usually given by those people who really understand you and your level, and admires you for what you’re doing from the starting. They are unlike so-called braggers and over-raters, who just praise you for a while and won’t give a DAMN about what you’re doing later.

However, in a form of feedback, even I don’t give a DAMN what these douchebags have to say about me and my talent. I usually like to focus on my work in a silent environment without any interference or distractions from anybody, and showcase either in my Facebook Profile or mostly in my Blog. Ya, I admit that I publicize my work for promotion, in front of those who genuinely admire it. I honestly don’t expect so much from anybody. But there are some people around me who would really see my work and genuinely appreciate or criticize on it for my sake. For the rest, seriously I don’t give a F*ck about it. 😛

For other guys, I don’t know and even don’t wanna discuss about their talent and skills. But like y’all, I’m not Perfect in any case. I’m just walking on the Road to Perfection and I like this way. I know my potential and sense of satisfaction. I know where I really stand now in my fields of interest. Hopefully, I would seize The Biggest Achievement of my Life in future.

Moreover, won’t that be a FUN, if you struggle for Perfection rather calling yourself or being Perfect every time. Seriously, Being PERFECT is so boring. It DAMN better to make your aims and achievements so higher that you would like to battle for earning it.


30 Days of Truth

The above Post was for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…

4 responses

  1. ladynimue

    A wise post .. I so relate to this .. When i began writing , i came to a point i struggled not to enjoy but to meet other’s expectations .. And that hurt at times when i failed. It later dawned to em I was not making sense .. So now i just write what i feel and trust in.

    Keep blogging 🙂
    And do write haikus ! I miss those 🙂

    March 29, 2011 at 22:16

    • Hmm .. Thanks for the support !!
      Yeah sure !! I would come back to Haiku sooner !!

      March 29, 2011 at 22:32

  2. Wooohooooo! Congrats! Ready to do another!? Lol! So happy to see you complete this! Big hugs!

    March 29, 2011 at 18:04

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