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The Other Guys (Day 7 Of Truth)


The following Post is for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself… and that ultimately leads to happiness.

30 Days of Truth


We all have encountered many people of various classes and castes in our Life. But there is an independent category of few people in your life who are always there for a back. They are who to whom you’re bit dependent with, inspite of being self-dependent. These are some people in your life who would always praise and sometimes criticize you for good. And even moving along with them you forget about the current world and eventually, making your life worth living. I’ve encountered many persons of all ages, so far in my life. But only few of them would stand for you. Forever.


Well, It all begins with since I was a Kid. I was kinda notorious in my school days. I used to do a lot of pranks with my school friends and teachers. Due to my deeds, Teachers scolded me, punished me and even slapped me. But still some of them treated me like a good lad and hardly got punished from them. I guess they were totally responsible in my Foundation as they brought the hell out of my Talent from me and even encouraged me. I remember those Parents Teacher Meeting (P.T.M) days where all Teachers always complain my Parents for being naughty and talkative in class, even though I was among the Toppers. But only few Teachers used to highlight more into my Dedication in Academics and my interests in Extra-Curricular Activities, overshadowing all my notoriousness in class, which obviously made my Parents proud. I guess they know better how to handle kids. Moreover, though my Dad was very strict, but he even becomes casual and cool for a while. He never forgot every single P.T.M of our school as he always inspected from me its date and time. But inspite of getting such shitty remarks about me, he used to chill during every P.T.M and never scolded me. But like a parent, he always tried to understand me and also praised my Talents as well. And therefore, I hardly got punishment from him. Lucky me ! 😛


Even friends are to be considered among those who made your life worth living enough. I didn’t mean by a long list of Facebook friends anyway. 😛 There are some person (very few in number though) hanging around you with them, I guess we always have the most possible FUN and good time for a while and get rid from all those tensions and boredom. These are the Most Effective Tranquilizers of your Fast Life. Of course, you’re Calm and Tension Free, hanging around with them. XD .. Not only Stress-Busters, they are also good Counselors as well. You could share something with them about you, your passion, your likes n’ dislikes and even your grief. I’ve never counted how many friends do I really have in my Life. The things which I sense from my friends – Love, Understanding, Care, Respect, Trust, Kindness, Helpful, Humanity, are uncountable. Making Friends is easy, but keeping your Friendship forever – Well that’s something difficult task but not that impossible.


And above all, It’s my Elder Sister. She is the one who. Her love and sometimes anger, truly shows the care for me. I won’t brag too much about her here. But ya !! I would like to add that I’m very very very DAMN proud to have such a nice Sister. She’s half-parent and half- friend for me. Unquestionably and Undoubtedly She’s sweet, caring, cute, adorable, bit arrogant sometimes :P, but still she’s lovable. That’s what True Blood Relations you see.


With a good note, I would conclude that everybody has atleast someone who would be caring for you and making your hard-knocking life worth living like heaven. It’s totally BULLSHIT that people brag the shit in Social-Networking Sites that they don’t have anyone who has made their life worth living. I’ve seen some Popular Emo phrases of being lonely, broken, atheist and sadistic every time, they might be cool but are truly lame. I guess it’s our shitty lame attitude that live with such lines and think the World is Cruel as always. But Guess what !! It ain’t cruel enough. God has sent someone like you, who would understand and be with you for a very long time. It’s just that you’ve to discover that tiny prick small leaf from the infinite grassland on your own. Even I’m bit loner and self-dependent, but still have some good people at back as I know these people know what you are and would try to make you what you wanted more.


So Get your lazy ass for a while from Social Network. Even I’ve over 300+ friends in Facebook. But still have couple of Good people around me, giving me a better reason to life. Infact, I’ve made myself to make others’ life DAMN living enough. Feel Hope yourself to be that Great as well.


Well I’ve a Life worth living. What about yours’ huh ??




30 Days of Truth

The above Post was for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…

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