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Graffiti Skull Boy Sketching (The Final Artwork) – Fun with Chalks and Board VI

Heyy guys !! Wassupp once again ?? 😉

I’m back to bring just what I’ve promised to y’all in my Previous Art Post.

Well,  what you’ve seen earlier, was just a mere practice of making an Artwork. Now, the Waiting Time is All Over guys.  So Ladies and Gentleman !! I BRING IT .. GRAFFITI SKULL BOY. 😉


And after some Background Score, you get this thing in the end. 8)

So now what do you really think about this one, Folks ? 😉
RATE above and APPRECIATE below on my work, and even SHARE it with pleasure. 8)


This Art is a part of  Paint Party Friday Week 38 and Sunday Sketches.