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After practicing for a week, I finally visited to Hip-Hop Jam in my own city, for Graffiti Battle. Since it’s summer time in Delhi and plus, it was Sunday that day, i was kinda one hell of a DTC Bus Travelling Experience from my home to the place of that event. Even reaching to the nearest Bus Station, I had to walk even few more miles more to reach the exact destination, screwing my Legs.

Ohh man !! It was so exhausting. 😛

However, my spirit never let to me feel tired at all. I know there would be many DAMN GOOD Graffiti Artists in Delhi, ( obviously way better than me) would be arriving for the Battle. I might not have a chance to defeat them. But still wanted to have some fun and learning experience with them. Anyways, coming back to the story again. 😛

I was bit 20 minutes late from the schedules time. But the event haven’t begun yet and plus, I was the first Graffiti Sketcher to reach there. Lucky me! 😛 Few minutes passed by, many people came for other Hip-Hop Events like- B-Boyin Battle, Popping Battle, Breaking Battle, Footwork Battle, Powermove Battle etc. etc. They all were dressed up like those typical Hip-Hop guys with Wide Caps, Loose Shirts and Sneakers on. Oh Yeah !! That was truly a Hip-Hopper looks like. Apart from their look, they indeed had the impressive skills as well.

It was very boring in sitting for almost an hour and waiting for everything to get started.  I therefore, opened my Sketch book and practiced a lil bit of Graffiti again for a while. This is what I made to warm-up myself  in this scorching heat.

It’s an incomplete artwork, gonna complete and upload it sooner. 😉


As the time passed by, the place got more crowded and heat was rising up. Soon I met some amazing Graffiti Artists of the town. These guys had really cool names : Asidic, Felix, Dizzy, Komet and many more. I was really excited to meet them as I’ve a done some little bit of interaction (kinda chit-chat) with these guys in Facebook few days back. The interesting part was that they all were just Teenagers (mostly, all school kids) and I, 20 Year old college guy, as only the eldest one. 😛 Almost everyone of them belong to some particular Hip-Hop Crew. Bit annoyed and even stunned, but It’s OK as these kids really know more about the thing in which I laid interest. They know the forms, the ciphers, the tools and the techniques so well. Damn !! Such things never evolve at my teenage time. All we had that time is to simply watch and get inspired from such graffiti shits on MTV Barrio 19 or some Hip-Hop Music Video. But since there is a New Morning everyday, it ain’t the end of the world. I could learn something from these young urban artists. Besides, Dizzy gave me her green marker to showcase my tag name “Ash Bee” on my arm.

So this is what really came next. 😉


So, the Hip-Hop Jam begun with some spontaneous showcase of Street Dance. It was too splendid and ecstatic. Even way better than what we see in Indian Television. You could feel that Hip-Hop is really evolving here, not only by looks but also by their style. An experienced and amazing Artist here, Rane Insame a.k.a. D.J. O.I.C. told something about us Hip-Hop. He explained us about the 5 different elements of Hip-Hop : MC’ing (Rapping), DJ’ing (Turntablism), Graffiti (Art), Dancing (Breaking, Up-Rocking, Popping, Locking), and most importantly, Knowledge. He idolizes Afrika Bambataa, the Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture, who discovered those five elements. Rame had a splendid knowledge as he is following this culture for almost 19 years since his teen hood. He has also seen the invading era of Hip-Hop of 21st Century Indian Youth Generation, starting from the scratch.  He really knows the roots as he was truly from the hood. 😉

Moreover, He was the Judge for our Graffiti Battle. 😉

 With his amazing introduction, the Hip-Hop Battle events and so do our Graffiti Battle started. We were allotted around 20 minutes to make a Graffiti Cipher on a word “COPE”, using your own unique style along with your tagging name on the side. Time was too short for a newbie like me.

All I could make at the limited amount of time is kinda like this. 😛


 Some of the competitors and even participants from other Hip-Hop Events really liked it so well, but not enough impress our judge, Rame. So therefore, I was knocked out from the first round. 😛

The Final Battle Round was between Komet, Asidic and Felix. They were allotted more time for writing a Graffiti Cipher on a word “ROOTS”. We were looking the artwork of all three of them time to time. I seemed like Asidic and Felix were getting an edge. But in the end, it was Komet who nailed the thing and won the final. He was also rewarded with a pack of Sabotaz Graffiti Spray Cans (first time in India). He really earned everything – the skill from his crew, the prize from this event and the respect from all of us. It was a hell lot of fun. I really enjoyed that shit. My very first experience was really amazing, so what I lost. Like I’ve said it ain’t the end of the world.
There is another Hip-Hop Jam coming soon in my town and I’ll be ready for that. 😉


This Art has been posted in  Paint Party Friday Week 23 and Sunday Sketches.


9 responses

  1. I’m so unfamiliar with all this, but I love learning new things. Twenty minutes to put together what you did is not much time at all!!! Keep going!


    June 11, 2012 at 10:11

    • Yeah !! And would like to do further more !!

      June 17, 2012 at 14:38

  2. More wonderful, creative graffiti. Keep it up! 🙂

    June 10, 2012 at 22:59

  3. your art is wonderful
    i would have loved seeing the dancing!

    June 10, 2012 at 21:40

    • Well actually, I forgot my camera that day. 😛
      But I would make sure to take some pics for the next Hip-Hop Session !! 😉

      June 11, 2012 at 08:51

  4. So interesting to read about hip hop and graffiti art in your culture. It sounds like it was a great experience for you! Can’t wait to read about your hometown jam!

    June 10, 2012 at 19:56

    • Ya !! Even I am really excited for that. 😉

      June 11, 2012 at 08:52

  5. Your work is excellent ~ ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

    June 10, 2012 at 17:16

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