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Doodle a Model

Heyy Guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork. A month ago during my exam preparation time, I usually get bored after studying (actually, ‘cramming’ those irritating topics .. to be honest :P) recklessly for hours. But I hardly go online to avoid distractions through plenty of notifications on my Facebook wall. So therefore, I just simply draw for a while. Well, making Graffiti is FUN, but also becomes time-consuming. And I can’t compromise my examination studies for making that thing for hours. Seriously, Not at all! 😛

However, I made a cartoon sketch of Allison Harvard (a.k.a ‘Alicat’), famous and sweet model from America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 12 and All-Star Cycle. She’s really cute and stunning. Her big eyes .. OMG!! DAMN !! .. they really are the most AWESOME feature of hers.

This is what I’ve made an art of her that time.



So, What you guys wanna say about her ? 😉


 This art has been published in Sunday Sketches


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