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The Loser (Day 9 of Truth)

30 Days of Truth


This day post is now making me emotional, as the topic for this day really means me a lot. It’s kinda just … What can I say? .. I am speechless. But still I’ve to move on and complete this day, like those 8 days.

Anyways, there are some individuals who really are very important even than your own personal life. You’ve wished something, they’ve fulfilled all of them. You’ve demanded for some space and privacy, they’ve provided. Even you’ve ask for some help and support, they were there for you. These are none other than your beloved parents, who really care about you no matter what you are. These are those real people in your life, who have been your true idols and inspirations for a very big time and even forever. As a matter of fact, it is their dedication and motivation that really made what you right now. If you honestly respect them a lot, then undoubtedly, these are the ones whom you never let them go.

But Life has its own rules and conditions. Somebody has to go and somebody has to lose. It’s the undeniable and unfortunate truth. This is where the tables turned. You can’t believe what just happened wrong, as everything seemed so far so good. Even I still feel bad, in case I remember that moment for a while. Despite of all my fortunes and triumphs, I lost those beloved ones at the uncertain and underdeveloped teenage life. I felt something miserable, something pathetic as if the God was against me. Many random voices in my head kept asking me a lot of questions, which are yet to be answered. That’s my grief. Nothing to say more!

It’s really been a long time since that demise. Few true closed people of mine understood me a lot and I’m happy with them. However, there are plenty of douchebags I’ve encountered, who percept that with this I’m trying to get sympathy and attention. And seriously, I really don’t fuck about them, because these assholes really don’t know about me and my life, even after stalking and spying me possibly they could. Anyways, it’s their own lame and filthy perception. And even, I don’t want to be some moral police to tell them everything again and again.

Moreover, I’ve some other plans and milestones to achieve. Life and people (including those jerks) had really teach me a lot, and still I have a long way to go. Being optimist, I would say those missed ones still somewhere in me. I could feel them whenever I want. Maybe I’ve become somewhat like them.


30 Days of Truth

The above Post was for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…

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