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Megadeth – Graffiti on Board

Heyy guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork and I guess it’s been a long time around 3-4 months of hiatus. Kinda busy in Summer Internships and Placement Session. I know it really sucks in being too much work alcoholic and plus, I can’t keep my promises that much. Despicable me !! 😛

But what amazes me that even in my absence, my blog count is still running with a pace of around 80-100 hits per day and 2500+ hits every month. That’s a nice web stats as this really proves my blog followers and even new visitors are stopping by here without my promotion in other websites. That’s the only thing which makes me to come here again whatever the lap time takes.

Anyways, back to business. Well this time, I’ve made a simple Graffiti Calligraphy dedicated to one of the Thrash Metal Legends Megadeth in my familiar college class board within 20 minutes. This band is really awesome. I am really in love the guitar tunes by their frontman Dave Mustaine. Some of my favorite songs are : “Holy Wars“, “Symphony Of Destruction“, “Mechanix” and “Public Enemy No.1“. Plus, they are going to perform a gig in my city Delhi tonight. Yippeee !! XD

Enough Talking, now just take a look fellas !! 😀

Megadeth Graffiti

Megadeth Graffiti

Again, the college board  has been screwed.

But what can I say fellas? This is what college life is and even y’all know it. 😉


This artwork  has been posted in Sunday Sketches