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The ‘Anthrax’ Graffiti Art

Hi Guys !!

As most of you guys know about The Big Four Bands of Thrash Metal. They have rocked the whole world for 30 years and still running wild. Plus, they are one of my Favorite Bands of all time.


Now since the world might be at its end stage, so I’ve decided to make an Artwork Dedicated to one of those Legends as a Tribute like last week.

Well, This week is strongly dedicated to the Band called Anthrax. Just getting more and more into Thrash Metal. You’ll might think that its just another Thrash Metal Bands like – Metallica and Megadeth. Technically, yes all of them belong to same genre. But still they are kinda different from the other two.

What makes them different, is their theme, on that basis they have different style of lyrics and music tunes compared with Metallica and Megadeth. In simpler words, Megadeth and Metallica songs are based on War-Based Theme, while Anthrax songs are based on some kinda Madness-Based theme. They sound a bit different when it comes to guitar solo. But in the end, it’s all thrash metal.

I love most of the Anthrax Songs, but there are some favorites like – Deathrider, Gung-Ho, Indians, Antisocial, Metal Thrashing Mad, Got The Time, I’m The Law, In My World and Fight’em Until You Can’t.

Coming back to my artwork. It’s just like what I’ve made previously. The Artwork of logo this legendary band has been drawn with Ball-point pen on an A4 Sheet, along with the names of their famous songs (around 50-60 I guess), written in (my personal favorite) Graffiti Tags.

Take a look on this collaboration fellas.


Anthrax Art

Kindly please stop by my blog for this month as this artwork would be a part of a major big picture, to be presented later at the end of this year, if we luckily survive from the doom. 😛 

\m/ HORNS UP \m/


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