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Musical Pipebombs


In the Rock/Metal World, Legends like Anthrax 
The Least Popular among The BIG 4 Bands of Thrash Metal 
Came back after 8 Years, releasing Worship Music in 2011
which became the Best Rock Album of Year 2011-12,
highly acclaimed and praised by the millions worldwide
though screwed by those sellout Kerrang! and Revolver Awards.
Well this year, Grammy Award still appreciated their work
but let it compete against the other Great ones in Hard Rock/Metal Industry
just because, they had only 1 damn award to honor the complete culture.

Meanwhile, In the Pop Mainstream WorldKaty Perry ..
One of the Highly Overrated Talentless Hacks of this Era
Makes a shitty album Teenage Dream in 2010
Selling every single and still Extending this shit
Ties the Record of highest Billboard Single Hits with R.I.P Michael Jackson
And above all, Grammy Award still appreciates her work
nominating consecutively for 3 years with other Hyped ones.
just because, there are plenty of awards to honor the mainstream culture.

Artists Killed the Music
Music Killed the Society
Society killed the Grammys
#Musical Pipebomb


Woah !! Woah !! Woah !! Woah !!
What a bunch of Smartass singers we’ve got
Flo Rida : “Can you Blow my Whistle Baby !!”
Katy Perry : “I wanna see your Peacock !!”
Can’t these fuckers simply say straight
that they all want sex anywhere and anytime ?
Atleast, AKON has little guts to say something. 😛
#Musical Pipebomb


Lady Gaga + Marilyn Manson = Maria Brink
That is still acceptable and digestible Fusion.
But, KISS Motley Crue = Black Veil Brides
You’ve just crossed the line, Sucking Posers.
#Musical Pipebomb 😛


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