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Breaking the Silence

It has been very very long time since I’ve blogged something. Things really have changed over here. I mean.. The user-interface is entirely different which it used to be 6 years ago when I started. It’s now more easier and understandable even a toddler can post something within few minutes. Change is good. And why not change? To make ourselves productive in our busy lives.

Speaking of busy life… After graduating from college, I’m now just another workaholic tech startup guy coding for 10-12 hours every weekday. And during weekends? Well.. Either I’m doing some courses/solo projects or hanging outside with friends/family or just simply taking a long nap. And Maybe sometimes dealing with those pending office works to meet the deadlines. That’s how job makes you feel and do things like that. It’s stressing but you’ll make it as a lifestyle anyway. And due to this, I’ve skipped blogging and some of my other hobbies for a while. So there is time-constraint, lack of motivation and therefore procrastination while writing a blog post or doing some other stuffs.

I’ve plenty of ideas hovering on the top of my head about blog post. But the problem is I need some extra time to manage my profession and passion. All I wish that I could have some extra time like – more than 24 hours a day or more than 7 days a week. I literally need that “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” at any cost. Just kidding 😛

But after watching some of my fellow bloggers, I’m getting inspired these days. They’re still somehow managing to do both (passion and profession) and eventually have progressed so much over the years of my break from blogging. Feeling bit jealous.. but feeling motivated too. It’s really amazing to see.

In short.. After almost 2 years of hiatus, I’ll resume blogging and other stuffs which I’m passionate about soon. I know it won’t be that easy it used to be during my college days. But still the risk is worth taking and I’ll be able to manage somehow. I’ve already planned something for my future posts here or any other domain. Let’s hope for the best.

And thanks guys for the support and appreciation over the years. I know some of you have higher expectations from me judging from my earlier posts. I promise that I’ll be coming back for blogging.. not much often, but active enough.

Stay updated because the best is yet to come. 😉

Oh wait! I forgot something…. Happy New Year 2016 🙂

P.S. This might sound like some “New Year Resolution” or that “New Year, New Me” troll now. Well, I had to let some things out of my chest and coincidentally I’m writing this at the beginning of this year.

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