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IPL Pipebomb


That’s why the majority Indian Crowd are not True Cricket Fans.
Just another bunch of hypocritical selfless narrow-minded butthurts.
#PepsiIPL #Pipebomb


After The Gaylestorm of Sixes and Fours in today’s match
Here comes The Bardhanstorm of FB Updates and Tweets
Don’t blame me, Bitches !! You’ll get used to it #Pipebomb


iHope that iDont get to see that iDiot iPoonamPandey iWhoring around after iPL Playoffs. #PepsiIPL #Pipebomb



Desi Pipebomb


We can crack a lot of jokes about
Indian Politicians with tons of memes.
But in the end, we are the dumb fuck assholes,
who don’t take responsibilities and interest
in the politics for the welfare of this country,
before claiming ourselves as the honorable citizen of India.
#Political Pipebomb


Our Reactions against the Delhi Gangrape Case
Some of us raged with words of Anger
Some of us went for Protests
Some demanded to Boycott 26th Jan.
Some put the Black Dot DP in their FB Profile
In the end, Everybody wants Justice.
But did the Government and the Delhi Police,
gave a fuck on our reactions ???
Did they hear our voices ???
Then, why the hell there’s Blackout for atleast 2 Hours ???
Why do I see Dark and Empty Streets after 10 PM ???
And why the crimes are still happening meanwhile ???
So, Here’s the numbers game.
6 Inhumane Cunts, 2 Innocent Victims
Crores of Delhi Citizens have been screwed
Brace Yourselves, Delhites !!.
The Humanity has Lost.
The System has totally Failed.
The Dark Night has just begun
#The Pipebomb is in Your Ass. ;(


This is Home Soil Humiliation against your Arch Rivals.
Innhe Aane Do, Match Jeetno Do, Cup Lejaane Do,
Aur Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Tum Rehene Do 😛


The Pipebomb Begins


Ohh God !! Pervs are also giving suggestions against Sexual Assault, “Demand for Sex Education in Schools and Colleges with Sunny Leone and Mallika Sherawat as Teachers.” Really ?? Then being a Metal Fan, I must also demand for Satanism in these same places with Tom Araya as Headmaster and Varg Vikernes as Principal. Is it justified, suckers ? 😛


All striking hard over this UPA Tyrant Nation.
And still you haven’t got any point, Mr. Zee(Douche)Bag ?
Wanna really stand up for something, raising your fist your voice for Revolution ?
or, Just make your lazy ass sit in that Café Coffee Day and just have a little talk with your Hipster friends while enjoying that silly lame overpriced coffee ?
So, what’s it gonna be, Punk ? 😛
#Moral Pipebomb


Witnessing again those words of pride & vanity again in the mind of those so-called cricket fans. Bitch Please !! Do y’all really consider T20 a Cricket Game ?
It’s just a Luck that made our Indian Cricket Team victorious enough for the time being. 😛
Need to pull up socks for teams other than Pakistan,
Need to become the king of other places other than Indian Soil,
Need to become the master in all format other than T20s,
And need some real support from true fans,
not from the bunch of short-minded hypocrites. 😛
#Cricket Pipebomb


The Wait is Over

Finally, after the prolonged waiting for over a year has come to an end yesterday. It’s all in every newspaper today that Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar become the only Batsman who has achieved the 100th International Ton in International Cricket. Of course, It is the moment to celebrate and feel proud as he has just crossed yet another milestone that can hardly be broken by anyone else, though a we have face the loss against Bangladesh as well. 😛

Sachin's International 100

Yesterday, A History was created in the ground of of Shere Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, Bangladesh.  That Final single taken between those wickets has made all the  billion hopes complete.  A Rush could be be seen in Facebook Status Updates from tons of Cricket Fans and Indian Media Coverage, even more than those those sudden earthquake in Delhi. Even, I felt some goosebumps all over my body after witnessing that marvelous 100 by the legend himself. 🙂

After taking a look on tons of  Facebook Posts of Sachin’s 100th 100, I suddenly got this link to a post which was blogged by Harsha Bhogle,  Famous Cricket Commentator.

He quoted as follows :

I don’t know how you feel but increasingly I find my love for cricket assaulted from all directions. I feel it has been kidnapped, bundled into the boot of a car and dropped off in an area with no phone signal. We fret, we are obsessed with landmarks, we build conspiracy theories, we get angry, and I wonder: What happened to the simple joy of watching cricket? What happened to the reason we were drawn to this great game?

I’ve come to the stage where I have told myself, “Damn that 100th”. It is a great milestone and no one else is going to get there, but we don’t watch a game merely for a milestone. We watch sport for the joy of seeing great performances from elite sportsmen, sometimes riveting ones from those less skilled. We watch it as the greatest display of emotion and skill on a public platform. We want to marvel, rub our eyes in disbelief, occasionally grieve but be aware that tomorrow is still ours. We want to feel blessed for being allowed to sit in on such contests.

And then numbers happen. They are good tools for comparison (though not always), but they are by-products of performance. If we watch sport for numbers, we watch it for the wrong reason. You can count numbers anywhere, generate statistics anywhere – the largest set of people to collectively leave Mumbai’s CST station on a Thursday, for example; or the percentage of unemployed every January since 1901. Don’t get me wrong, collecting numbers is not bad – as I said, you often get good insights from them – but obsessing over them is a poor reason to watch sport.

This obsession with Tendulkar’s 100th isn’t affecting only him, it is affecting us even more. Suddenly we have lost all objectivity, become unaware of the presence of other players (thankfully the Dravid retirement got the place it deserved), forgotten that cricket is a contest between 22. And now I’m bored by it all and fed up with the angst over it. If Kohli and Gambhir make fine hundreds, I don’t want to see or read of Tendulkar’s innings first and theirs as a filler.

Sadly Tendulkar is also a financial instrument. Yes, he makes very serious money out of the game but people make just as much out of him. Ad revenues go up, so do attendances when he plays, but just as important, supplements and special programmes sell. Praising him sells and criticising him does, and so, whether he wants it or not, whether he needs to be or not, Tendulkar must feature in the news, on specials, in features. If there is no Tendulkar story, we must create one.

So I say, damn that 100th. Let us enjoy watching a supreme exponent of the game while we can; let us revel in being part of the journey, let us gasp at the cover drive one more time, for Tendulkar, at 39, is playing his endgame. Let’s bring back the little joys for as long as possible. If the 100th happens, we’ll celebrate a great achievement but if it doesn’t, he won’t become a lesser player.

Then there are these debates; endless spewings of venom, factories of anger. If an Australian player mutters something as he passes, or makes a gesture, a half hour is devoted to Indians being wronged. If Greg Chappell says something we don’t like, another orgy of temper, trembling voices lamenting an attack on India’s pride. We scream of racism. One person called Chappell a “pathological case”. (I hope he knew what that means, for I don’t.) Anger, anger everywhere. Sport was meant to be uplifting but I wonder if that doesn’t sell enough on a daily half-hour slot.

I recently did four Test matches in Australia for ABC Radio and it was like being transported to my childhood. There was laughter and joy, good words to describe good shots. Cricket was the theme of happy conversation and every morning I got up excited about trying to be a friend to all those who couldn’t be at the ground. I was back, living with the simple joy of watching cricket. And tell me honestly, isn’t that what you really want?

So I say, damn that 100th, turn off the anger, put the conspiracy theories where they belong, and ask yourself why you really watch cricket.

Ya !! He is somewhat right as all we people were highly obsessed of  noticing Sachin’s 100 only, rather watching a Cricket Match. Even the time when we were so busy in celebrating Sachin’s Current EPIC Achievement, we have forgotten to notice that  he took around 138 balls or 23 Overs (almost half of Batting Innings) to reach this milestone, causing a relatively less score in total to be chased. And therefore, we got a chasing defeat from the Bangladesh on the same match. But still, It’s a Game where you could ‘Lose’ and must move on by learning from your little mistakes.

Plus, It always happened on every single match before this one. We always kept noticing Sachin’s individual score first rather watching the game completely. Sometimes, some other Indian player’s superb performances are not being appreciated that much and therefore, gets ignored afterwards. And even during the time span between 99th and 100th International Ton, some of us have cracked some jokes when Sachin getting OUT early and his selfishness of playing for records. Whatever happened, It all has been flushed into the gutter as The Master Blaster has proved himself to close those loudmouth shutters for good. 😛

Sachin - The Legend

I know, CRICKET is more than just a GAME in India. But the bottom line is, we always push ourselves so harder to over-rate or demoralize someone, whether an individual or a whole team,  rather simply watching and enjoying the game. They all are talented already and have enough potential and strength to face anyone anyplace. We are no one to judge them. So Fuck the mediocrity and the hypocrisy all the time. Kindly enjoy the game for while, Bitches. That’s all I wanna add in the end.

Plus, For those people who still think Tendulkar played selfishly for his own dear records and he should now retire from International Cricket, well seems like Virat Kohli has recently learned to answer the ranting retarded punks like you. Mind over it. 😛

Fuck  You Hippocratic Ranting Bitches !!

Tribute To a LEGEND

Well Guys !! Today is the the Grand B’day of one of The Most Legendary Cricketer Icon of all Time from IndiaSourav GangulyThe Prince of Kolkata or The Bengal Tiger or simply call ” DaDa “. It’s not only gonna be Party in Kolkata, but also a Grand Fest for those million Cricket Fans who believed him, worshiped him as God and adored his excellence and perfection in Cricket. 😛

Well on his 39th B’day and also on behalf of all DaDa fans around the world, I would like to give him a special Tribute to him through this special Video. Take a look. 😉

‎… }{aapy B’day Sourav Ganguly Dada .
Hope your life would still and forever become

Long Live Cricket .. Long Live DaDa .. and Long Live DaDaGiri  !! xoxoxoxo

CRICKET : More than Just a GAME

It is true indeed. It is really running in our Blood, beating our heart, swinging the emotions, making us anticipated, exhilarating our mind and eventually giving us Joy and Pleasure in the end. A True Cricket Fan, who really understands these familiar senses and feelings that always and forever resides while spectating this kind of Game either on Stadium or on their Television Sets, would be able to catch me easily.

Craze among Cricket Fans while watching the Game in TV

Fans Screaming

I don’t know what does it means for other Countries. It really means a lot to India. Inspite not being a National Game, it is mostly played and enjoyed by many. Every single Cricket Fan, would have same traits like I am having. We all get rid off from our busy life for a while and keep an eye on every Ball, every Run, every Boundary and every Wicket of this Game, for hours. Cheering for our Team, Baiting Nails on Serious Situation and Shouting when Our Team has hit a Boundary or taken a Wicket. We even try to give our expert views and comments, before and after the match. We eventually make a HYPE of this Game. May be it’s Wrong to an extent, as we are more biased towards Cricket, not for other Sports, especially our own National Sport – Hockey. But It’s Cricket Fever as always, baby. You can’t help it.

Now since the Cricket World Cup 2011 is going on and which is happening in Indian Sub-Continent, it still be having BIG HYPE for sure, Like Indian Premier league (IPL) every year.

Support The Nation

But on the contrary, with all these support and favoritism to our Team, it also brings HYPER NATIONALISM and HYPOCRISY for one’s country. People would highly support our Team, pretending and flaunting others that we are such a BIG Fans of Cricket. Some would even do Spiritual Bon-Fires or “Havanas” for that.

''Havana'' for Indian Cricket Team

It the same ole problem. Whenever there’s HYPE, people would follow it sure, just to grab attention from everybody. The same case exists during the World Cup as well. People would be wearing Indian Jersey, talking about Cricket 24 x 7. But when all the event ends, its HYPE ends and people then don’t give a DAMN afterwards.

Well, even Film actors are in this race. They also come for the match, not only for spectating the game, but also for promoting their movie or getting some attention in public.

Actors come for Movie Promotion

Ya, Some of them made a Cricket Team of their own in IPL and making a lot of money form there, even if they know sh*t about this Game and Players.

Shah Rukh Khan (Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders)

Preity Zinta (Owner Of Kings XI Punjab)

While some make relations with Cricketers, just to grab attention and publicity in Media.

Harbhajan Singh (Super-Hit Bowler) & Geeta Basra (Super-Flop Actress)

Yuvraj Singh (Talented Cricketer) & Dee-pika- Padu-Kaun (Untalented Actress cum Model)

Even if that doesn’t works, some wannabes would try something else, to get famous. Very recently, an Indian Kingfisher model (or I say a bimbo) named, “Poonam Pandey”. shocked everyone when she committed that she will take off all of her clothes in the stadium in case of an Indian victory. Pandey claimed that she will first go naked in the stadium for the crowd and then the Kingfisher model plans to strip inside the dressing room in front of the players with the permission of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). For getting started, she begins with this. An ICC World Cup 2011 Logo on her back, showing off with vanity.

Poonam Pandey - Truly Fake Fan Supporter

Poonam Pandey - Wannabe Fan Supporter and Slut

For all these non-sense, she proclaims herself as a True Cricket Fan and Patriotic. She even BRAGS that she is confident of her body and is doing it just to motivate Dhoni’s Team and company, in her own way. Taking some inspiration from this prostitute, another Wannabe shows up like that.

Sofia Hayat - Another Wannabe Fan Supporter

It’s simply pathetic. This reminds me when an Uruguayan Model did so for supporting her Football Team, during FIFA World Cup 2010. It is Cheap Publicity and Promotion of Obscenity, whether such cheap milf sluts admit this or not.

Apart from this, not only our Hypocritical Media who would over-rate our cricket team on victory and demoralize them on their demise. I’ve witnessed some people or i say so-called cricket fans, who would get over-excited and over-ambitious when our Team wins, and would be criticizing and making FUN of the losing Team, even if they’ve also performed well but it wasn’t their day.

There are plenty of examples, but Let’s talk about the recent ones.

The India-Australia Quarter-Final encounter in Ahmadabad, where we won by 5 wickets.

Aftermath of India-Aussie Match

Aftermath of India-Aussie Match II

We were not still done, as we thrashed Pakistan at Semi-final in Mohali by 29 runs.

Aftermath of Indo-Pak Match

Aftermath of Indo-Pak Match II

Sometimes, such pics seems bit FUNNY and that’s for a while , but not everytime. People forget to realise that even the losing team has performed well. Instead of giving them some appreciation for reaching here so far, they would give such harsh comments in the end. My facebook friend just wrote on his status when India defeated Pakistan, ” 11 Terrorists have been raped and f*cked hard by Indians in Mohali  ” .  Is it valid quote to show your victory to other ??

And those same Hypocrites would back-stab the support of their own Team, by giving harsh comments and lame verdicts. It seems so pathetic, when such parasites would burn their posters and cut-outs and even make them ride on donkeys.

Again plenty of instances,where Dejected fans shown their anger.

During World Cup 1996, where we lost in the Semis.

Anger of Cricket Fans during India's loss against Sri Lanka in WC 1996

During World Cup 1999, where we were eliminated in Super Six.

Anger of Female Cricket Fans during India's loss

During World Cup 2003, where we lost in the Final.

Anger of Cricket Fans during India's loss in WC 2003

and, even during World Cup 2007, where we were eliminated in Group Stage.

Anger of Cricket Fans during India's loss in WC 2007

Dejected cricket fans mount portrait of Dhoni and Ganguly on a donkey and take out a procession in Ahmedabad on Saturday. (TOI Photo)

Anger of Cricket Fans during India's loss in WC 2007

Eventually, we are not as matured as our Cricketers are. They’ve enjoyed their triumph and even faced their apocalypse. But they never give up and play their own game. Everybody has their good times and bad times. That’s unquestionable, unpredictable and inevitable. It’s better that we ought to support our Team forever, neither over-rating nor discouraging them.

Let all the People cheer for their country and appreciate other’s Nation.

Let all the Flags be on your Faces

Let all those Colorful Flags be waving high in the sky.

Let the Flag be United

Let there be Friendship between the Two Teams before, during and even after the match,
and Stay United.


That’s the duty of ours as  A True Cricket Fan in making this Gentlemen’s Game, completely clean inside the field as well as outside the field. Hopefully, we witness some maturity from our Cricket Fans and so-called Hype-followers, even we lose against Sri Lanka in the Finals.

Scintillate (Day 23 of Haiku)



Indian Cricket Team

Indian Cricket Team


Scintillate with Pride
World Cup awaits a Champion
to hold on it hands.

The Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup



This Haiku Post is a part of “ The Haiku Challenge “A 28 day Haiku Writing Competition,
organized by ‘Someone Is Special’.