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Heyy guys !! I’m back again after almost 2 months of absence. 8)

Those days  for me were kinda Hectic and had not a single place to breathe, as I was busy in my Internship Work, Project Work alongwith my Placement Preparations as well. I used to hardly get some even to write a status update in Facebook and g+. 😛

However, I’ve brought something NEW for y’all once again. An Artwork of mine which I’ve made about 4 years ago when I was a High School Kid, but still I matches with the New Year theme.

So Fellas, Take a look on the following thing. And like I’ve said, almost 4 Years back. Here’s the CLOSER PROOF Fellas !! 😛


Plus, Some LIMP BIZKIT Essence you can feel it as well. 😛

Kinda Kiddish thing huh !! 😛
Anyways, Happy New Year to all my Friends !! 😀

And now since I’m back, I’ll keep bringing such thing for y’all.

RATE above and APPRECIATE below on my work, and even SHARE it with pleasure. 8)


This Art is a part of  Sunday Sketches.


Gold Cobra – Sketching

Well Guys !!!

Being a Die Hard Limp Bizkit Fan, I’ve this piece of Art dedicated to their Latest Nu Metal Album Gold Cobra. I’ve made a simple sketch of a Cobra and my own Cartoon yet again :-P, but this time rocking on tunes of  ” Gold Cobra “. Take a look around on my Creation. 8)




This Art has been posted in  Paint Party Friday Week 23 and Sunday Sketches.


Finally, The Cobra has been Unleashed

Well Guys !!! Y’all know what I’m talking about.

I’m neither talking about just a Venomous Snake,

A Venomous Cobra

nor about an Evil Mighty Commander of GI-Joe Series,

The Cobra Commander

and not even a Creepy Wrestling Maneuver of a WWE Superstar, Santino Marella  😛

Santino Marella's Cobra

It’s even BIGGER and something that brought some Real Nu Metal alive in this DAMN current era of Electro-shitty Music. Well, It’s Hot-Shot Bonanza to my Dear Limp Bizkit Fans !! 8)

The discussions, The predictions and even Prolonged Eager Waiting are over now. With all your patience and support so far, ” Limp Bizkit “ has finally showed up some Nu Metal shit for their fans. They recently released their sixth studio album Gold Cobra on June 24 in Germany, June 27 in the United Kingdom and June 28 in the rest of the world in 2011 by Interscope Records.

This album is totally Nu Metal Genre (typical Limp Bizkit Genre) and even features the same ole Band Lineup including the return of their Rhythm guitarist (and, my Rock Idol) Wes Borland after 5 years. Moreover, It features a New CD Cover 😉 … Kinda Creepy Ugly Stuff, y’all gonna say after watching this. 😛 Yeah !! The Previous Original one was fucking way better.

Gold Cobra - Current CD CoverGold Cobra - Current CD Cover

Anyways, the Simple Version of Gold Cobra album contains 13 Songs. All lyrics were written by their frontman Fred Durst, all music composed by Fred Durst, DJ Lethal, Wes Borland, John Otto and Sam Rivers, except “Back Porch” by Fred Durst and Boney B.eats & “Combat Jazz” by Mathematics. They have even featured some of the rare songs of this Album on its Special Deluxe Version.

Gold Cobra Songlist

Gold Cobra Songlist

They’ve just launched their latest song ” Gold Cobra “ of this album, at their Official Website on June 22 and even in YouTube today. Take a look on this sensational Rocking Video. \m/ XD

Well, the songs of this album are good. Something y’all gonna experience some Real Nu Metal they usually play. It seemed as if they’ve maintained their legacy from their very first studio album, Three Dollar Bill Y’all, released in 1997. It’s a typical Limp Bizkit album, dedicated to True Limp Bizkit Fans. Unfortunately, It’s not to a level that they used to play those days. It’s unlike Linkin Park’s current Electro-shit music where the Nu Metal Genre has lost, fucked n’ died somewhere. 😛 Even some other critics has expressed their views like this way. I’ve just referred a site called ” Heavy Blog is “, a site which is dedicated to all Heavy Metal Fans and where you could get reviews & updates on various Metal Bands. Well, they’ve written an appropriate and indeed true critical review on Gold Cobra and rated it 2/5, as mentioned in their Blog Post.

In a nutshell, I would say it feels DAMN great to see Limp Bizkit, the band I grew up with, is back on track since the departure of Wes Borland and the failure of their album, The Unquestionable Truth (Part -1). But being honest, Gold Cobra is not as outstanding as we’ve witnessed their Platinum Record Albums like – Three Dollar Bill Y’all, Significantly Other, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water etc. But if you compared with today’s songs with music sounding unrealistic, you’ll get something real shit from the real players of Nu Metal.

I’ve just downloaded the whole album via Torrent. You can Download “Gold Cobra” from here.

Plus with a Good Note, It’s a \m/ Total Kickass \m/ Album. Just like this DAMN Sexy and Freaking HOT Chick is trying to explain so in the Gold Cobra Music Video. 😛

Gold Cobra = \m/ Kickass \m/

Gold Cobra = \m/ Kickass \m/

See this shit on their Title Song “Gold Cobra” on Youtube by pausing the Video exactly at 4:03.

Enjoy !! 8) 😛

Fred Durst – Cartoon Sketching

Being fond of Art and also of Limp Bizkit Band, I’ve got a surprise for y’all Folks !!

Well this time, I’ve just made a very simple Cartoon Sketching using Pencils of various Shading Grades, of its very favorite Lead Singer, Fred Dursta very long time ago, back in 2010. 😛

Take a look on it fellows !! 8)


However, I’ve not made it completely. I’ve just worked upon the Outlines. The Rest Shading Work is still yet to be be done  to make it a Complete Masterpiece. I really had to continue.

Feel free to express your views after watching this piece of mine so far.
Hopefully, Y’all liked this as well !! 😉

This Art has been Posted on Sunday Sketches

When the f*ck LIMP BIZKIT is going to release GOLD COBRA ?

Heyy wassupp Rock Lovers ??
A warm Welcome to Y’all from the Blogger himself 😉

Well, I guess , naaaaah !! I’m damn sure about it that the Question what I’ve mentioned around here in ma Blog is revolving inside the Minds of every LIMP BIZKIT (a.k.a LB) fans.

Such Questions is revolving like a around every damn Lb fan like

1. When LIMP BIZKIT is going to release their new album GOLD COBRA ?
2. When is it going to be release ??
3. When am I going to buy that GOLD COBRA CD ??
4. Will GOLD COBRA going to have good & awesome tracks ??
5. Whether GOLD COBRA is going to be a THE BIG HIT ??
6. Whether 2010 would be the Year of  THE COBRA ??

Too many Questions huh !! 😛

Well, I’m hearing this news since the fall of 2009 that our crazy Nu-Metal Band ”LIMP BIZKIT” has finally re-united once again. The feud between their Lead Vocalist FRED DURST and their Lead Guitarist WES BORLAND (my Rock Idol ^_^ xD) has ended with a truce. They are going to release their 5th studio album called “GOLD COBRA” soon in 2010 and proclaimed that ” 2010 will be year of THE COBRA

Gold Cobra CD cover

Well, Well, that shit getting delayed from January to Mid-2010 to October and still we are clueless when its going to be release.

But, I’ve just visited for confirmation to the Official LIMP BIZKIT website. N’ guess what they’ve currently quoted and being displayed at their site ” 2021 THE YEAR OF THE COBRA “ .. :O

2021 ?? :O WTF man !! What the HELL is going on here ??
I am unable to wait for few moments. How the fuck am I gonna wait for 11 more years DAMN IT ?? 😛

Some people across the globe started predicting that they are simply playing with us, just swapping the digits such that it might becomes 1220 making it 20th December of this year, just for FUN 😛

But even there are other expecting possibilities for releasing dates.
It could be even :- 1022 (22nd October), 1202 (2nd December) !!

Ohh man !! I’m really confused !! Let’s wait what happens next !! 😛
Meanwhile, Y’all just Stay Chill and have Patience. Let LB take their own time !! 8)

Well, I am desperately waiting for them a lot as the good ole LIMP BIZKIT is back with all united members after 10 years. Last time, they were re-united during their 3rd album ” CHOCOLATE STARFISH & THE HOT-DOG FLAVORED WATER “ in 2000 which was indeed the Hit of the Millennium. 😉 Damn sure, ” GOLD COBRA ” would have the same effect as I’m expecting a lot from them & hope they won’t disappoint us at all. It’s gonna be THE BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER OF 2010. 😉

Well, GOLD COBRA consisting around 18 Tracks this time.
These are as follows :-
1. “Introbra”
2. “Douchebag”
3. “Why Try”
4. “90 To 10”
5. “Rock Ship”
6. “Brand New Meaning”
7. “Shark Attack”
8. “Darkside of the Moon”
9. “GFY”
10. “Venomous (LBGC)”
11. “Walking Away”
12. “Loser”
13. “Dance Floor”
14. “Back Porch”
15. “Angels”
16. “Middle Finger”
17. “Thank You”
18. “Outrobra”

Well certain GOLD COBRA tracks Like “Douchebag” , “Shark Attack” , “90 to 10” were release as teasers at Twitter. Infact, On April 30, 2010 “Why Try” was released by Durst on the band’s official website, and “Walking Away” on August 8, 2010.

I’ve heard all their teaser so far and having that “Why Try” song on my I-Pod as well. They are very awesome folks. Y’all gonna love it.  xD  😉

Here’s a fan Video of “Why Try”. Take a look people 😉

If this releasing news is true then, Hell-yeah !! Its gonna be a DIWALI BONANZA for me and the LIMP BIZKIT fans in INDIA xD \m/

I’m not getting so fascinated so easily with some teasers only. I wanna witness how the whole album sounds. I would definitely publish a Post on its critical view soon after its release. 😉

And, For those who don’t know, ‘What’s going on in my post ‘ and even gonna yell that ‘What the fuck this LIMP BIZKIT n’ GOLD COBRA is’ , Well I’m not gonna tell ya that who are they n’ what they do. just search them out in GOOGLE or even in WIKIPEDIA. 😛