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Diva – Sketching

Hiee Guys !!

It’s been a long time I suppose, I’ve made an artwork of Girl. Well this time, I bring it my new sketching of a Girl which is looking like a DIVA, hopefully you see the same. Take a look fellas !!


A Li’l bit more closer look of my Artwork.


Well some of my friends who have seen it in my Facebook Art Albums, keep complaining me that I am just too obsessed in making and flaunting such things. They even have demands for making any Nude Sexy Art for their own fun. In reward, The only reason only I usually give them is that, Art is my Life and I’m happy to live with it. Secondly, I work for my pleasure not for lusty leisure. Plus, it’s better you Facebook Profile Stalkers oughta Get a Life as well, Creep Nerds. 😛

However, I’ve not mentioned my Artwork as Amazing this time as I’ve made such thing after a long time since my last artwork and I am DAMN sure about the fact that I could make even bit better. You could even catch some flaws on this Artwork. And yeah, I ready to bear the criticism from you. So feel free to write whatever you’ve felt after watching this artwork.


This Artwork is part of Sunday Sketches