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In My City

Heyy Guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork. I wanna tell y’all something. Few days ago, I’ve seen a music video calledIn My City by model-turn-actress-turn-singer Priyanka Chopra featuring Black Eyed Peas‘ singer Will.i.Am. In my opinion, the music is really terrible just because it is modern commercial sellout, that same old shitty work with autotune vocals and party beats. Moreover, its music video is even more terrible, with worst choreography and background scene. The annoying part of this video is that she bragged a lot of things about her partying life in her city (which was supposed to be her home town – Bareilly or working town- Mumbai, but the whole video shoot happened to appear somewhere in Los Angeles). Facepalm.

Just like Ashley Tisdale, she is also nice actress (won’t say the best actress ever :P), but not really a good singer. Moreover, she sold herself out with this annoying song without even showing her real roots. But hardly this commercial Entertainment Industry and the butthurt Priyanka Chopra Fan base (I prefer calling such people as Fantards 😛) gonna understand the fact.

The main agenda of above mentioned story is to show how people get away from their roots and pretend to be someone else, just to impress the modern crowd. I could go on more with other examples, but would tell that some other day.

Anyways coming back to my art topic. After getting pissed with that annoying and delusional music video, I’ve checked down my art archives searching relevant to my roots in my city – Delhi.

Well !! The artwork which I’m going to showcase, I’ve made quite a year while practicing for my very 1st Graffiti Battle in Hip-Hop Jam. I’ve made the cartoon sketches of various attractions of Delhi – Red Fort, Lots Temple, Jantar Mantar, Qutab Minar, India Gate and Delhi Metro, in the background and a graffiti guy (actually me :P) spraying a Graffiti art “Delhi” on the wall, in the foreground with the help blue ball-point pen.

Now since y’all know about my passion and obsession with Graffiti and my residence in Delhi.
So then fellas, take a look on the artwork.


My City Delhi

Well !! This is my City and these are my roots. I love keeping them real, unlike pretending like any crazy Bollywood Actress posing to be a professional singer.


Hopefully, y’all have like this piece of work and don’t forget to post you reviews.


This Artwork is part of Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches



Wes Borland – The Sketching

Well Guys !!!

I’ve brought an amazing piece of Art dedicated to one of my favorite rock guitarist inspirations of all time – Wes Borland (Lead Guitarist of band named Limp Bizkit). This is simple Pencil Sketch of this guy with some Graffiti flavor into it.

Take a look around on my Creation, Fellas. 8)


Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit

Besides I am giving this a gift to him, as Today is his 38th Birthday.  😀


This Art has been posted in  Paint Party Friday Week 48 and Sunday Sketches.


The ‘SLAYER’ Graffiti Art

Hi Guys !!

As most of you guys know about The Big Four Bands of Thrash Metal. They have rocked the whole world for 30 years and still running wild. Plus, they are one of my Favorite Bands of all time.


Now since the world might be at its end stage, so I’ve decided to make an Artwork Dedicated to one of those Legends as a Tribute like last week.

Well, This week is strongly dedicated to the last but not the least The Big 4 Band called ‘SLAYER’. Though they also belong to Thrash Metal like the previous dedicated bands, they have extremely different theme. It is all about Satanic Forces. This band plays extreme music and loud vocals most of the time, just to ignite the evil inside you. Kinda fusion of Thrash Metal and Death Metal. But seriously, not that much maliciously brutal like Norwegian Black Metal. However ironically, the lead member of this band, Tom Araya is catholic himself. 😛

Being a fan of Slayer, I won’t provoke anyone to unleash the ‘Satan’ and burn down the churches because I am not an atheist and won’t do anything against humanity. But I do believe that there exist a combination of good and evil in this Ying-Yang world. Both sides are wide open, it’s up to your thoughtful mind which side you wanted to go on.

I see quite lot of posers trying to cherish the Satan with horrible and shameful acts, just to justify what that particular favorite bands tells them. These suckers have actually emancipated the wrong anti-social thoughts to the world of thousand cultures, which is sort of disrespectful practice for the sake of humanity. 😡

Besides, Today is the day of the doom (what the Mayans predicted: P) and we are still surviving. There is no end of human race and we still have got a chance to retain the humanity once again to position where it deserves to be.

Anyways, coming back to my artwork. It’s just like what I’ve made previously. The Artwork of logo this legendary band has been drawn with Ball-point pen on an A4 Sheet, along with the names of their famous songs (around 50-60 I guess), written in (my personal favorite) Graffiti Tags.

Take a look on this collaboration fellas.



Kindly please stop by my blog for this month as this artwork would be a part of a major big picture, to be presented later at the end of this year, if we luckily survive from the doom. 😛 

\m/ HORNS UP \m/



This artwork  has been posted in Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches


Sketching Graffiti in Bengali

Heyy guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork.  Many of you might remember that, how’d I celebrated Durga Puja festival last year with my College Classroom board and chalks. 😛 But due to my prior engagements in Busy College Assignment Work and some other personal works, I have hardly got time to celebrate Durga Puja this year. 😦

However, I’ve got something really interesting to show y’all. I’ve made this Artwork few months ago. It just simply a Graffiti writtenDabangg (meaning : Brave) in Bengali language, with the help of Blue-n’-Black Ball-Point Pens. 😉


“Dabanng” written in Bengali

Hopefully, y’all have like this piece of work and don’t forget to post you reviews.


This artwork  has been posted in Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches


Naruto – Cartoon Sketching

Heyy guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork. Well this time, I’ve made a very famous Anime Cartoon Character (not any one from Dragonball Z :P). He is the king of Nine-tail fox Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist Ninja of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime series. Plus, I’ve included my Graffiti Calligraphy Touch along with my ole school exclusive Signature Tag on the top right and latest one on the bottom left. Anyways, Take a look into my dedicated piece of work.



Again, the college lecture notes have been screwed.

But what can I say fellas? This is what college life is and even y’all know it. 😉


This artwork  has been posted in Sunday Sketches


Practice for HIP-HOP JAM

Well Guys !!!

A Fortnight Ago, I was being invited by someone for a Graffiti Battle in Hip-Hop Jam at my place. I felt honored that there is someone in my place, who is encouraging and appreciating my talent. Moreover, I wanted to take part as well, to feel the real Hip-Hop Energy, instead of watching such shits in TV and dreaming about like nerds. 😛

Though, I’ve been doing Graffiti for a long time. But I need to have some practice of making those “Cyphers”, to compete against the young Pros of the city. In order to brush up my skills, there is no such good thing like that ole familiar my dear almighty, college classboard and some white chalks.

So, It’s time to practice and again have some Fun with Chalks and Board. 😉


Graffiti – Phase 1

Graffiti Phase 2

Graffiti – Phase 2

392449_3860908366826_807536460_n (1)

Graffiti – Final Phase


I really worked hard to make this art till the last remaining parts of the chalk and it shows. 😛

Poor Professor

Poor Professor

 I guess y’all might be thinking now, What happens next ? What’s it gonna be when the teacher comes to class and had to write a lot of boring lecture on board, but had to watch every time first what I made? Only thing they have left with is to rub the shit completely with duster. Kinda Nostalgic Aftermath huh. 😛

Feeling Nostalgic

Moreover, Making Graffiti looks far more spectacular than those boring lecture scribes. 😛
Anytime and Anywhere. 😉


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Jimi Hendrix – Stencil Sketching

Well Guys !!!

I’ve brought an amazing  piece of Art dedicated to one of the phenomenal Rock God – Jimi Hendrix.  Well this time, I have made his Stencil Sketch.

Take a look around on my Creation, Fellas. 8)


OMG !! Voodo Child !! XD XO XD XO XD XO XD XO 


This Art has been posted in  Paint Party Friday Week 23 and Sunday Sketches.


MUSIC – Graffiti on Board

Woah !! Again I’ve got some chance to make some scribes on the board. Well being an artistic fella, you can’t resist yourself to draw more anytime, anyplace and on anywhere.

So fellas, Here’s something what I’ve got to show y’all.



It’s still empty. Let’s fill up the board completely.



Now that’s what I call a Complete Art on a Board.  8)

Plus, It was damn funny to see my teacher to rub this mess with a fuss. 😛

The above Artwork is a part of Sunday Sketches