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Practice for HIP-HOP JAM

Well Guys !!!

A Fortnight Ago, I was being invited by someone for a Graffiti Battle in Hip-Hop Jam at my place. I felt honored that there is someone in my place, who is encouraging and appreciating my talent. Moreover, I wanted to take part as well, to feel the real Hip-Hop Energy, instead of watching such shits in TV and dreaming about like nerds. 😛

Though, I’ve been doing Graffiti for a long time. But I need to have some practice of making those “Cyphers”, to compete against the young Pros of the city. In order to brush up my skills, there is no such good thing like that ole familiar my dear almighty, college classboard and some white chalks.

So, It’s time to practice and again have some Fun with Chalks and Board. 😉


Graffiti – Phase 1

Graffiti Phase 2

Graffiti – Phase 2

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Graffiti – Final Phase


I really worked hard to make this art till the last remaining parts of the chalk and it shows. 😛

Poor Professor

Poor Professor

 I guess y’all might be thinking now, What happens next ? What’s it gonna be when the teacher comes to class and had to write a lot of boring lecture on board, but had to watch every time first what I made? Only thing they have left with is to rub the shit completely with duster. Kinda Nostalgic Aftermath huh. 😛

Feeling Nostalgic

Moreover, Making Graffiti looks far more spectacular than those boring lecture scribes. 😛
Anytime and Anywhere. 😉


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