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Sassy Diva Sketching

Hiee Guys !!

It’s been a long time I suppose, I’ve made an artwork of Girl and even a sketching of a Diva. I’ve got nice reviews for the first one. However, some of my friends criticized my Diva artwork and calling it a parody sketch work Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler. So I thought why don’t I make something better. This time, I’ve sketched a Sassy Version of Diva, with the help of Blue Ballpoint pen on a Paper. Here’s what I’ve made.

Sassy Diva

Sassy Diva

Looks like Ashley Massaro. 😛

However, Thanks to such criticizers which helped me to improve on my little mistakes. Hopefully, They’ll get me now after watching this stuff. Feel free to post your thoughts, even criticism.


This Artwork is part of Sunday Sketches


Project Ultraviolet – Coming Soon

Heyy guys !!

I’m a great fan of ❤ Milla Jovovich <3. She rocks in every Resident Evil movie. She is indeed one of the best actress in sci-fiction action and thriller movies.

Apart from the Resident Evil series and many action movie of hers, there is another movie which took my breath away. It is Ultravioletreleased in 2006, just because of her bold kickass look which she’s already known for action movies. Though this movie was a big disaster, but still I saw this three times just to watch her only. 😛

Looking to this amazing poster, I am thinking about to make an artwork.  😉

Ultraviolet Film

But not now, as I am busy already in making and posting The Big 4 of Thrash Metal Artwork throughout this December. I’ll promise to bring that thing for y’all sooner in the next year.

Meanwhile, take a look on the artwork, made by an anonymous artist.

Ultraviolet Art

Ultraviolet Art

OMG !! She’s Looking even more Freaking Hot !!! XD