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Stay LAZY Achieve PLENTY

Referred from :- How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

In this modern era, everybody’s getting Workalcoholic these days. We have plenty of  Work to complete in a limited interval of Time. We feel some kinda burden or pressure while working, but still we move on as time doesn’t waits for everybody. We get things started with a pace. And after working continuously for hours, not even a bit time to rest, we end up with total exhaustion.

However, sometimes being Lazy or taking intervals in these hectic schedules, could make you to achieve even more than those who work relentlessly. Let prove this point by taking an example.

Consider two people of equal skill work in the same office. For the sake of comparison, let’s say both arrive at work at 9 am each day, and leave at 7 pm.

Bill works essentially without stopping, juggling tasks at his desk and running between meetings all day long. He even eats lunch at his desk. Sound familiar?

Nick, by contrast, works intensely for approximately 90 minutes at a stretch, and then takes a 15 minute break before resuming work. At 12:15, he goes out for lunch for 45 minutes, or works out in a nearby gym. At 3 pm, he closes his eyes at his desk and takes a rest. Sometimes it turns into a 15 or 20 minute nap. Finally, between 4:30 and 5, Nick takes a 15 minute walk outside.

Bill spends 10 hours on the job. He begins work at about 80 percent of his capacity, instinctively pacing himself rather than pushing all out, because he knows he’s got a long day ahead. By 1 pm, Bill is feeling some fatigue. He’s dropped to 60 percent of his capacity and he’s inexorably losing steam. Between 4 and 7 pm, he’s averaging about 40 percent of his capacity.

It’s called the law of diminishing returns. (i.e. the decrease in themarginal (per-unit) output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant).

With reference to our example, Bill’s average over 10 hours is 60 percent of his capacity, which means he effectively delivers 6 hours of work.

Nick puts in the same 10 hours. He feels comfortable working at 90 percent of his capacity, because he knows he’s going to have a break before too long. He slows a little as the day wears on, but after a midday lunch or workout, and a midafternoon rest, he’s still at 70 percent during the last three hours of the day.

Nick takes off a total of two hours during his 10 at work, so he only puts in 8 hours. During that time, he’s working at an average of 80 percent of his capacity, so he’s delivering just under 6 ½ hours of work — a half hour more than Bill.

Because Nick is more focused and alert than Bill, he also makes fewer mistakes, and when he returns home at night, he has more energy left for his family.

It’s not just the number of hours we sit at a desk in that determines the value we generate. It’s the energy we bring to the hours we work. Human beings are designed to pulse rhythmically between spending and renewing energy. That’s how we operate at our best. Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy — physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually — requires refueling it intermittently. Work the way Nick does, and you’ll get more done, in less time, at a higher level of quality, more sustainably.

Create a workplace that truly values a balanced relationship between intense work and real renewal, and you’ll not only get greater productivity from employees, but also higher engagement and job satisfaction.

There’s plenty of evidence that increased rest and renewal serve performance.

Consider a study conducted by NASA, in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration, of pilots on long haul flights. One group of pilots was given an opportunity to take 40 minute naps mid-flight, and ended up getting an average of 26 minutes of actual sleep. Their median reaction time improved by 16 percent following their naps.

Non-napping pilots, tested at a similar halfway point in the flight, experienced a 34 percent deterioration in reaction time. They also experienced 22 micro sleeps of 2-10 seconds during the last 30 minutes of the flight. The pilots who took naps experienced none.

Or consider the study that performance expert Anders Ericcson did of violinists at the Berlin Academy of Music. The best of the violinists practiced in sessions no longer than 90 minutes, and took a break in between each one. They almost never practiced more than 4 ½ hours over a day. What they instinctively understood was the law of diminishing returns. The top violinists also got an average of more than 8 hours of sleep a night, and took a 20-30 minute nap every afternoon. Over a week, they slept 16 hours more than the average American does.

When I was working, I was truly working relentlessly. When I was recharging — whether by getting something to eat, or meditating, or taking a run — I was truly refueling.

Stress isn’t the enemy in the workplace. Indeed, stress is the only means by which we can expand capacity. Just think about weightlifting. By stressing your muscles, and then recovering, you gradually build strength. Our real enemy is the absence of intermittent renewal.

Referred from :- How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

My Despicable Habit (Day 1 of Truth)

30 Days of Truth

The following Post is for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…


Like y’all, even I am also a normal guy, which means that I am also having some Bad Habits in my life, making me to say it so. So, I’m just telling about one of them, which I have to face sometimes but still, very FATAL (though in seldom case). That thing I really really really really HATE in myself.

Well, the Problem is – I’m kinda Absent minded and Confused sometimes.

It really happens with me sometimes that I forget things momentarily and later on, I would start thinking what I’ve forgotten, even for hours. Thinking for something is good, but for a huge time is very bad. It evens becomes a Fatal Problem when I’ve to taken actions abruptly. I admit that I don’t listen carefully, which eventually makes my memory loss. Moreover, while involving in any particular task, I get lost to some another task or thought, which also make me to forget about what I am doing right now. I am really absent-minded and irresponsible sometimes, and I just hate it when I realize those unavoidable mistakes which I’ve committed due to forgetting something really important.

Making my memory power strong, I should write and store as Memo in my Notebook or Mobile, which I usually do. It worked for me in many situations. But that’s not applicable everywhere, especially in those cases where you are asked to respond and complete immediate tasks right now, where you don’t have any time to store somewhere. That’s where I get confused sometimes as my memory attenuates out of nowhere during that moment and start forget things.

However, Just like Hannibal Smith, I’ve got a plan to reduce this problem somehow to an extent. If anybody gives me any particular task to complete, instead of taking abrupt actions and forgetting suddenly, I rather ask them to explain the task once, in order make it confirm again. But asking atmost thrice is quite sufficient. 😛 And this way I am dealing with it so far these days.

Some people might think it’s kinda foolish and DAMN pathetic to ask same thing 2-3 times repeatedly in a row. But still, It’s fine for me because I don’t found it would bring any problem for me to asking 2-3 times and even anybody else to answer the same that many times in a row.
Atleast from now onwards, I won’t be making any mistakes without forgetting.

P.S. :- I know it’s probably kinda STUPID to tell about yourself and even more STUPID to tell so in Website, especially in your own Blog. But No Problem !! That’s the Truth which I should admit.


30 Days of Truth

The above Post was for accomplishing Creative Challenge called 30 Days of Truth, given by Kellie Elmore. It is a unique exercise in self exploration and learning to be honest with yourself…