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New Year 2013 Pipebomb


If the Society can’t live without that same ole thinking,
If the Justice is still shallow, and the System is depleting,
If these Pervs can’t stop themselves to rape any Lady,
If the Nation has lost every drop of Morality and Humanity,
Then it’s better to give guns to those defenseless ones,
to kill those eunuch rapists and those inhumane cunts.
Case Closed. ;(
#Revolutionary Pipebomb


We can’t blame the system every time. There is another major problem of being in an ignorant and hypocritical society, where people won’t give damn of anybody but would like to talk what’s going on their life. Somewhat I belonged there, you belonged there and we all are belonging there. It’s a Human Nature. Either we admit it honestly or just keep on faking ourselves with this duality.
#Moral Pipebomb


There’s need for mind change among every Indian citizen. If we don’t help our people immediately then it’s such a waste to expect any Police for Security, some NGO for Remedy, Court for Justice and Government for Democracy and then blame the whole system for being blind ignorant, with a Black Dot in a Facebook Profile. #Double Moral Pipebomb



Well guys !! I’ve come to another topic and would like to throw some light regarding on this issue as well. Hope you’ll like this one and try to share your views and further discuss here as well.

So, NGO is basically called “Non-Governmental Organisation”, a Non-Profit body which helps Poor Underprivileged People and probably they would ask for Donation and Charity, from y’all in order to complete their goals. Many NGOs around the Globe are highly active to provide such services during Emergency and Non-Emergency situations.

Well, Money is an issue, since anyone can’t help everyone. And, I guess we all are kind and concerned enough to donate something for Humanity. Hopefully!! 😛

When we see some poor people in need, we all probably go for such NGOs sometimes, where we donate either money or materials, all of them are useful to fulfill the needs of those people who are desperately in need. Even many Famous personalities (whether a politician, an industrialist, a sportsperson or an entertainer) across the Globe, are more willing and capable enough do so by donating huge amount to any particular Charity or Trust, just to save their Taxes. It might be a Current Trend or even a Social Hype among the people (especially Teens and Youths). But still, it promotes Humanity. Atleast, through our humble efforts, someone would get a reason to live.

The number of internationally operating NGOs is estimated at 40,000. National numbers are even higher: Russia has 277,000 NGOs. and India is estimated to have around 3.3 million NGOs. That means NGOs are enough available Worldwide to help the people in need.

But what we’re witnessing these days that many NGOs are not functioning in right way. As a mater of fact, through their aims and works, they’ve changed its whole definition.

Since a lot of money is being donated year by year by many Benevolent Persons, it has also become a source of Earning Money. They are seeking their own Profit to fill their own comforts and luxuries. They’ve ultimately made it as “Business”, from where they could earn more and more money from us in the names of Charity. Eventually we are helping to fulfill their own needs. It’s now hard to find and then trust to a Benevolent NGO these days. Because, you can’t really trust on them as you’re even not sure whether they are helping the needy people or not.

I really found these aims of such so-called NGOs very lame and cheap. Sometimes, It even makes me hopeless and sick to feel that how they make themselves feel good by looting money from us like that, achieving their own desires and even not helping those who are fully dependent on us. Well, this is 21st century my friends, where Vandalism and Corruption is at the peak. Whether it’s on High or Low Level, these two shits would happen here for sure and f*ck the whole generation.

I’m really so much pissed from such so-called NGOs coming and asking for Charity these days. They brag so much about their achievements in helping the Underprivileged People, but hardly have done a shit for them. Well, I know such couple of NGOs that do so. But I won’t be revealing the names and further discussing here to create controversy. Honestly speaking, I don’t even spend my single penny as donation to such corrupt phonies. Because I won’t be DAMN sure whether they would help those needy people or take away with them and squander my and other benevolent fellows’ money like Brats. Rather I prefer more to donate something like- Old Books, Clothes, Shoes etc. to those poor people by myself. Atleast I would be getting an assurance that my donation has been gone to the Right Person. Moreover, it gives me more happiness and satisfaction to see them.

So therefore, I’ve some Important Points to Ponder :

—>  Go for that Trust to whom you could Trust.

—> However, if you genuinely want to help those needy persons with complete satisfaction, but you don’t even trust any such NGOs who might fulfill your desires. Then it’s far better to donate to them by your own.

We all even could help them by giving proper education and Lifestyle. Here, not only you would be getting a cent percent assurance and reliability, but also a satisfaction and a pursuit of happiness by helping the Right People in Right Time.

!! Serve for Humanity !!

Wake-Up DELHI to Help Somebody

Referred from :- Md. Shabhaz Khan’s Blog Post

Neeraj Keshri, an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi Student needs financial help in order to fight Haemophilia*.

The student is under treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) since last month after a sudden internal bleeding in his lower abdomen and is now in a critical condition. Though some help has been provided by IIT and AIIMS themselves, but the limited source did not help the student to cure back. He was earlier admitted to B.L Kapoor Hospital and then later shifted to AIIMS. The Boy has developed ulcers which lead to bleeding and is even making the situation worse.

The student is fully dedicated and hard-working. Since he belongs to a poor family, such huge transactions can’t be sustained by his parents. The Institute too has a limit to provide financial assistance and the situation is so serious that if not looked upon, we may end up loosing him.

The boy is basically from Jharkhand, Age 20, and Admitted to IIT-Delhi this year, by attaining 93 AIR (All India Rank) in IIT-JEE 2010. He is one of the Bright and Meritorious Students of India. He is suffering from Haemophilia A since he was born.

{ Haemophilia also spelled hemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body’s ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken. Haemophilia A (clotting factor VIII deficiency) is the most common form of the disorder, occurring at about 1 in 5,000–10,000 male births.} It has very dangerous Symptoms and unfortunately no further cure has been discovered to eradicate this disease completely. The only thing which could cure Hemophiliac Patients like Neeraj for a while, is only Medicines, which are not only imported from Foreign Countries but also highly Expensive (in Lacs).

AIIMS had already took responsibility regarding this problem. They’re trying their best to save him. They’ve already spent a lot in importing those Expensive Medicines to make him alive every day. Friends – Manish Chauhan, Priya Sharma, both from IIT-Delhi, Some Kind and Benevolent Independent Volunteers like – Md Shahbaz Khan, Deepak, Shahnawaz Khan and others are volunteering maximum time to help the family and boy to come out of the situation and appeals the media to help us for a Social Cause Via Media Coverage and help him survive.

Regarding this issue, Many Newspapers have already Published this news like- 28th November 2010 Edition of ‘‘Navbharat Times”.

And even on Delhi Aajtak’s News Bulletin
Neeraj has been swinging between life and death: AAJ TAK: India.

After these News, hopefully some help has come for him. But still, Its pathetic to see that hardly anyone is standing up for that esp. the Youth are not that interested.

Wake up Delhi. Now, It’s the time that we all ought to serve something for Humanity.

You could even co-operate these benevolent helpers. Help Neeraj through Donations or even NGO contacts by giving him a reason to Live.