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.. Depths Of My Heart ..


Depths Of My Heart


The Depths of My Heart
Holding immense of varying emotions
Running inside through these veins
Causing Terrible IMPACT all over
Controlling over my Li’l Brain.
Sometimes very happy,
Sometimes that much sad
While, Sometimes in love,
Sometimes in agony,
And even sometimes very mad. 😛
Thoughts revolving around
Hovering all the time.
Even inspiring me so much from anybody
And making to try to be like them for a while.


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just like a Soldier
Who Plays with Death
Standing One Step Closer
Getting bruises and scars all around
Still Unstoppable to take a Break
Seeking for peace
And Fighting for Independence
Even putting his life in Stake
He hates Tyranny and Slavery
And Gives a F*ck to Terrorism
Only thing he believes in
Blood and Sweat form Patriotism
Everybody wanna be like him
Wanna be like that BRAVE
Would get ready for a Sacrifice
And die happily in The Holy Grave


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just Like a Man
To hold himself with a Belief
Conquering all the damn strength
To move out from his own GRIEF
Having a Duel with The Mighty Satan
Like a Big “DABANGG” (Fearless Guy) 8) 😉
Without having any Fear
And even, without having any doubt
N’ putting his all power
To whip all those DAMN threats
That tried to take him out.


The Depths of My Heart
Makes me just Like a Friend
Who never forgets you till the End
And, he’s the one who never pretends.
Sharing his thoughts with you
Giving you happiness in every Moment
To maintain his Friendship
at every sort of aspect
Even would do anything for his friend
with Hustle Loyalty n’ Respect 😉


And, Finally
The Depths of My Heart
Now, makes me just Like a Lover
Whose LOVE just grown in Rain
Like a Blooming Flower
Getting fascinated to somebody
Ain’t any sort of Lust? 😛
Looking to that beautiful
Ohh Baby !! It makes him to Blush
Thinking about her anywhere
Many Shitty things in his head get flush
And It seems like, He’s like Y’all
Who finally had a sweet CRUSH.


These are certain thoughts
That usually lies in my Yard
And I am still embracing the FACT
I won’t break, cut n’ torn them apart
Whatever they might be
Even else if it sometimes
Makes me Feel bit Retard 😛
Coz’ these things would and forever
Inside The Depths of My Heart. 😉


All the Thoughts of Mine would be lying inside The Depths of My Heart

Selected for :- Thursdays Poet Rally Week 34 By Jingle

Thanks Jingle for giving me “Perfect Poet Award for Thursdays Poet Rally Week 34”

Moreover, I would like to nominate Dr. Madan Goyal for Week 35


Blood And Sweat Form Patriotism

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Without patriotism,
Sacrifice is incomplete
Anyone can insult and cheat.
Remember if the country is dependent,
Then, we can’t claim to be Gandhi’s or Nehru’s descendents.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Happiness an Money really doesn’t matter
As they are required only to flatter,
Patriotism comes only when
One is ready to sacrifice i.e.
To pay the highest price,
With no sign of cowardice
All this generates a feeling
That remains forever nice.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Patriotism makes one immortal
Fills our heart with pride in total
Where the air of patriotism blows,
There the river of Blood flows
Where the head is raised without fear,
Only there is found the laughter of cheer.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
As sacrifice is a nation,
It’s far away from trivial emotions
Where there is patriotism in the air,
Soldiers always struggle and strive
Cut their own heart with knives.
No one can understand better than us
As we are the ones who feel it first
Blood and sweat form patriotism.

Thursday Poets Rally Week

This Poetry is an Official Post for Thursday Poets Rally Week 37
and even a paying a Tribute to all those Soldiers who’ve sacrificed their Lives for the Nation.