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Sketching Yourself

Well Guys !!!

After sketching a lot of Cartoons, Living and Non-Living Objects, Posters, Graffiti and even The Mighty Mascot for my College Technical Fest, I thought of sketching myself this time. Though it was totally freaking me out and even was feeling shy for a while, thinking of making my own sketch. Later I thought of making my own Cartoon first, for getting things started. So, I’ve drawn my Cartoon, during my Boring Class Lectures yet again :P, giving my Current Hairstyle, my Style of Wearing, and even I-Pod with Headphones for listening some Music. This is totally me. 🙂 Maybe Unique, but not a Counterfeit. Take a look around on my Creation. 8)



This Art has been posted in Paint Party Friday Week 22 and Sunday Sketches.