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“The Music Girl” – Sketching and Crayon-Coloring

Sorry Guys, for the delay !!
Actually, I was quite busy in preparation for my Exams and even in Fine Arts Work for my College Fest ” MOKSHA: The Annual Cultural Festival of NSIT “, which is going to be held in few days. I’ll tell y’all about that more, but Later some day. 😛

Well, In the Meantime, I’ve even made a Poster for my College Fest Event (organised by me and my friends), which I now would like to display here.

The Event which we are probably going to organize in our College Fest is ” The Music Quiz”. 8)

Well obviously, I have to make a Poster related to Music stuff for our Event which must have to lure the people and attend our Event.

So Getting started with it, I’ve made a Pencil Sketching of a Girl with a Headphone on her head, depicting as she is Listening Music. After Sketching (with some rubbing and re-drawing), It’s time to apply some color. But this this time, I’ve used Wax Crayons for base with some Oil Pastel Colors for highlighting.

And ultimately, you get your Job done like this. 😀


Yaa !!! You’ve got it. It is almost looking like the same picture as it was in my Previous Gravatar Image. Well Actually, I made its sketch though it’s looking bit different from that I’ve made. 😛

Anyways, getting back to work. Since this is for our College Fest Event, I have to even mention the Event Name as well. For that, I’ve made a Graffiti, suiting the Sketch and even with the Theme.


After merging above two stuffs, it ultimately becomes  an One Complete Crayon Poster Art.


Hopefully, People would come for our Event after looking on this Poster and getting fascinated towards it,ultimately getting a huge attendance for our Event. 😛

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