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Sketching The Empress of Tomorrow

So WrestleMania weekend has already started. And I’m already hyped for that. Apart from huge expectations of 5-star matches from the my all-time favorites like- The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho etc. and new ones like- Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor etc., I’ve especially have my eyes on this amazing female competitor named Asuka.

This woman is one hell of badass wrestler I’ve ever seen so far. From her strength to character, it’s AMAZING. It is always delightful to see her matches in the squared circle. And besides, I mean just look at her. Isn’t she colorful and badass at the same time?


And her signature mask is also amazing.


Therefore, In order to collaborate two above pictures with the twist of my imagination. I opened up that same ole sketching app and started doodling once again. And after 20 minutes of patience, I ended up making this masterpiece.

Asuka Fan Art

And here’s the complete version, with her name on.

Asuka Fan Art (Complete)

Not sure about you guys, but I hope she will like it. 😛



P.S. I do know that “Wrestling is Fake”. But so do movies and TV shows are not real. It’s all about entertainment and your preferences on what you like to watch. Again, no judging here otherwise ASUKA’S GONNA KILL  YOU!! and I’m sure about that. 😛


This Artwork is part of Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches



Muscle Wheelie

Heyy Guys !!

Few weeks back, I was studying Cryptography really hard for my upcoming Mid Semester College Examinations. Though it is a quite interesting subject, but I desperately needed a break for a while as I was cramming my notes for 4 hours non-stop. 😛

In order to kill the stress and produce some creativity, I started scribbling a small artwork (for which I am passionate of) on my Cryptography Book. I simply draw a cartoon of an American Muscle Car performing a Wheelie Burnout Stunt, with Ball Point Pen.

Take a look on the artwork, fellas.

Muscle Wheelie (Original)

Muscle Wheelie (Original)

Besides, I’ve got a Scanned Image of the above. Surprise !!

Muscle Wheelie (Scanned)

Muscle Wheelie (Scanned)



This Artwork is part of Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches


Project Ultraviolet – Coming Soon

Heyy guys !!

I’m a great fan of ❤ Milla Jovovich <3. She rocks in every Resident Evil movie. She is indeed one of the best actress in sci-fiction action and thriller movies.

Apart from the Resident Evil series and many action movie of hers, there is another movie which took my breath away. It is Ultravioletreleased in 2006, just because of her bold kickass look which she’s already known for action movies. Though this movie was a big disaster, but still I saw this three times just to watch her only. 😛

Looking to this amazing poster, I am thinking about to make an artwork.  😉

Ultraviolet Film

But not now, as I am busy already in making and posting The Big 4 of Thrash Metal Artwork throughout this December. I’ll promise to bring that thing for y’all sooner in the next year.

Meanwhile, take a look on the artwork, made by an anonymous artist.

Ultraviolet Art

Ultraviolet Art

OMG !! She’s Looking even more Freaking Hot !!! XD


MUSIC – Graffiti on Board

Woah !! Again I’ve got some chance to make some scribes on the board. Well being an artistic fella, you can’t resist yourself to draw more anytime, anyplace and on anywhere.

So fellas, Here’s something what I’ve got to show y’all.



It’s still empty. Let’s fill up the board completely.



Now that’s what I call a Complete Art on a Board.  8)

Plus, It was damn funny to see my teacher to rub this mess with a fuss. 😛

The above Artwork is a part of Sunday Sketches

Diva – Sketching

Hiee Guys !!

It’s been a long time I suppose, I’ve made an artwork of Girl. Well this time, I bring it my new sketching of a Girl which is looking like a DIVA, hopefully you see the same. Take a look fellas !!


A Li’l bit more closer look of my Artwork.


Well some of my friends who have seen it in my Facebook Art Albums, keep complaining me that I am just too obsessed in making and flaunting such things. They even have demands for making any Nude Sexy Art for their own fun. In reward, The only reason only I usually give them is that, Art is my Life and I’m happy to live with it. Secondly, I work for my pleasure not for lusty leisure. Plus, it’s better you Facebook Profile Stalkers oughta Get a Life as well, Creep Nerds. 😛

However, I’ve not mentioned my Artwork as Amazing this time as I’ve made such thing after a long time since my last artwork and I am DAMN sure about the fact that I could make even bit better. You could even catch some flaws on this Artwork. And yeah, I ready to bear the criticism from you. So feel free to write whatever you’ve felt after watching this artwork.


This Artwork is part of Sunday Sketches