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In My City

Heyy Guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork. I wanna tell y’all something. Few days ago, I’ve seen a music video calledIn My City by model-turn-actress-turn-singer Priyanka Chopra featuring Black Eyed Peas‘ singer Will.i.Am. In my opinion, the music is really terrible just because it is modern commercial sellout, that same old shitty work with autotune vocals and party beats. Moreover, its music video is even more terrible, with worst choreography and background scene. The annoying part of this video is that she bragged a lot of things about her partying life in her city (which was supposed to be her home town – Bareilly or working town- Mumbai, but the whole video shoot happened to appear somewhere in Los Angeles). Facepalm.

Just like Ashley Tisdale, she is also nice actress (won’t say the best actress ever :P), but not really a good singer. Moreover, she sold herself out with this annoying song without even showing her real roots. But hardly this commercial Entertainment Industry and the butthurt Priyanka Chopra Fan base (I prefer calling such people as Fantards 😛) gonna understand the fact.

The main agenda of above mentioned story is to show how people get away from their roots and pretend to be someone else, just to impress the modern crowd. I could go on more with other examples, but would tell that some other day.

Anyways coming back to my art topic. After getting pissed with that annoying and delusional music video, I’ve checked down my art archives searching relevant to my roots in my city – Delhi.

Well !! The artwork which I’m going to showcase, I’ve made quite a year while practicing for my very 1st Graffiti Battle in Hip-Hop Jam. I’ve made the cartoon sketches of various attractions of Delhi – Red Fort, Lots Temple, Jantar Mantar, Qutab Minar, India Gate and Delhi Metro, in the background and a graffiti guy (actually me :P) spraying a Graffiti art “Delhi” on the wall, in the foreground with the help blue ball-point pen.

Now since y’all know about my passion and obsession with Graffiti and my residence in Delhi.
So then fellas, take a look on the artwork.


My City Delhi

Well !! This is my City and these are my roots. I love keeping them real, unlike pretending like any crazy Bollywood Actress posing to be a professional singer.


Hopefully, y’all have like this piece of work and don’t forget to post you reviews.


This Artwork is part of Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches



Desi Pipebomb


We can crack a lot of jokes about
Indian Politicians with tons of memes.
But in the end, we are the dumb fuck assholes,
who don’t take responsibilities and interest
in the politics for the welfare of this country,
before claiming ourselves as the honorable citizen of India.
#Political Pipebomb


Our Reactions against the Delhi Gangrape Case
Some of us raged with words of Anger
Some of us went for Protests
Some demanded to Boycott 26th Jan.
Some put the Black Dot DP in their FB Profile
In the end, Everybody wants Justice.
But did the Government and the Delhi Police,
gave a fuck on our reactions ???
Did they hear our voices ???
Then, why the hell there’s Blackout for atleast 2 Hours ???
Why do I see Dark and Empty Streets after 10 PM ???
And why the crimes are still happening meanwhile ???
So, Here’s the numbers game.
6 Inhumane Cunts, 2 Innocent Victims
Crores of Delhi Citizens have been screwed
Brace Yourselves, Delhites !!.
The Humanity has Lost.
The System has totally Failed.
The Dark Night has just begun
#The Pipebomb is in Your Ass. ;(


This is Home Soil Humiliation against your Arch Rivals.
Innhe Aane Do, Match Jeetno Do, Cup Lejaane Do,
Aur Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Tum Rehene Do 😛


The Pipebomb Begins


Ohh God !! Pervs are also giving suggestions against Sexual Assault, “Demand for Sex Education in Schools and Colleges with Sunny Leone and Mallika Sherawat as Teachers.” Really ?? Then being a Metal Fan, I must also demand for Satanism in these same places with Tom Araya as Headmaster and Varg Vikernes as Principal. Is it justified, suckers ? 😛


All striking hard over this UPA Tyrant Nation.
And still you haven’t got any point, Mr. Zee(Douche)Bag ?
Wanna really stand up for something, raising your fist your voice for Revolution ?
or, Just make your lazy ass sit in that Café Coffee Day and just have a little talk with your Hipster friends while enjoying that silly lame overpriced coffee ?
So, what’s it gonna be, Punk ? 😛
#Moral Pipebomb


Witnessing again those words of pride & vanity again in the mind of those so-called cricket fans. Bitch Please !! Do y’all really consider T20 a Cricket Game ?
It’s just a Luck that made our Indian Cricket Team victorious enough for the time being. 😛
Need to pull up socks for teams other than Pakistan,
Need to become the king of other places other than Indian Soil,
Need to become the master in all format other than T20s,
And need some real support from true fans,
not from the bunch of short-minded hypocrites. 😛
#Cricket Pipebomb


Is it the End of the Beginning ?

Is this the way
to feel good about yourself ?
Is this the way
to have pride in yourself ?
Is this the way
to earn respect like a man ?
Is this the way
to treat an innocent woman ?
Is this the way
to justify your statements ?
Is this the way
to emancipate your thoughts ?
Is this the way
to try to be like a Boss ?

Why such questions
are still hovering in my mind ?
Why such voices don’t
pass through their heads
while committing any crime ?
Shredding the Glory,
Losing every single Morality,
Raising the Cruelty and,
Without any Epiphany
to every Extent.
Spoiling the Dignity,
Retaining the Irresponsibility,
Breaking the Unity,
Degrading the Society and,
Killing the Humanity
until it’s all Extinct.
Filled with
The Corrupts,
The Hypocrites,
and above all
The Rapist minds.
Not a single place
to run away from them,
Not even a single place
to Hide.

Is this the place
am I supposed to live ?
Is this the New philosophy
should I believe ?
Is this the way
to survive in Nation ?
Is this the way
to claim yourself
an honorable citizen ?
Is this the way
to call yourself
a true human ?

The questions will
keep on coming
until they blow up
your tiny head,
It’s High Time fellas
Really need some
Action and Aggression instead.
Raise your
Voices and Fists
for the Revolution,
Don’t sit and talk
like a douchebag
in a Cafe Coffee Day,
Keep on fighting
until you die hard,
even if we’ve survived
from that 2012 doomsday.


On a Rowdy Note,
To all those mean cunts,
and those cowardly assholes,
F**K YOU !!!!
I won’t do what you tell me.
F**K YOU !!!!
I won’t do what you preach me.
F**K YOU !!!!
I would tell and preach what it should it be.
F**K YOU !!!!
I would kick your ass for the sake of humanity.


Megadeth – Graffiti on Board

Heyy guys !!

I’m back again with my artwork and I guess it’s been a long time around 3-4 months of hiatus. Kinda busy in Summer Internships and Placement Session. I know it really sucks in being too much work alcoholic and plus, I can’t keep my promises that much. Despicable me !! 😛

But what amazes me that even in my absence, my blog count is still running with a pace of around 80-100 hits per day and 2500+ hits every month. That’s a nice web stats as this really proves my blog followers and even new visitors are stopping by here without my promotion in other websites. That’s the only thing which makes me to come here again whatever the lap time takes.

Anyways, back to business. Well this time, I’ve made a simple Graffiti Calligraphy dedicated to one of the Thrash Metal Legends Megadeth in my familiar college class board within 20 minutes. This band is really awesome. I am really in love the guitar tunes by their frontman Dave Mustaine. Some of my favorite songs are : “Holy Wars“, “Symphony Of Destruction“, “Mechanix” and “Public Enemy No.1“. Plus, they are going to perform a gig in my city Delhi tonight. Yippeee !! XD

Enough Talking, now just take a look fellas !! 😀

Megadeth Graffiti

Megadeth Graffiti

Again, the college board  has been screwed.

But what can I say fellas? This is what college life is and even y’all know it. 😉


This artwork  has been posted in Sunday Sketches



After practicing for a week, I finally visited to Hip-Hop Jam in my own city, for Graffiti Battle. Since it’s summer time in Delhi and plus, it was Sunday that day, i was kinda one hell of a DTC Bus Travelling Experience from my home to the place of that event. Even reaching to the nearest Bus Station, I had to walk even few more miles more to reach the exact destination, screwing my Legs.

Ohh man !! It was so exhausting. 😛

However, my spirit never let to me feel tired at all. I know there would be many DAMN GOOD Graffiti Artists in Delhi, ( obviously way better than me) would be arriving for the Battle. I might not have a chance to defeat them. But still wanted to have some fun and learning experience with them. Anyways, coming back to the story again. 😛

I was bit 20 minutes late from the schedules time. But the event haven’t begun yet and plus, I was the first Graffiti Sketcher to reach there. Lucky me! 😛 Few minutes passed by, many people came for other Hip-Hop Events like- B-Boyin Battle, Popping Battle, Breaking Battle, Footwork Battle, Powermove Battle etc. etc. They all were dressed up like those typical Hip-Hop guys with Wide Caps, Loose Shirts and Sneakers on. Oh Yeah !! That was truly a Hip-Hopper looks like. Apart from their look, they indeed had the impressive skills as well.

It was very boring in sitting for almost an hour and waiting for everything to get started.  I therefore, opened my Sketch book and practiced a lil bit of Graffiti again for a while. This is what I made to warm-up myself  in this scorching heat.

It’s an incomplete artwork, gonna complete and upload it sooner. 😉


As the time passed by, the place got more crowded and heat was rising up. Soon I met some amazing Graffiti Artists of the town. These guys had really cool names : Asidic, Felix, Dizzy, Komet and many more. I was really excited to meet them as I’ve a done some little bit of interaction (kinda chit-chat) with these guys in Facebook few days back. The interesting part was that they all were just Teenagers (mostly, all school kids) and I, 20 Year old college guy, as only the eldest one. 😛 Almost everyone of them belong to some particular Hip-Hop Crew. Bit annoyed and even stunned, but It’s OK as these kids really know more about the thing in which I laid interest. They know the forms, the ciphers, the tools and the techniques so well. Damn !! Such things never evolve at my teenage time. All we had that time is to simply watch and get inspired from such graffiti shits on MTV Barrio 19 or some Hip-Hop Music Video. But since there is a New Morning everyday, it ain’t the end of the world. I could learn something from these young urban artists. Besides, Dizzy gave me her green marker to showcase my tag name “Ash Bee” on my arm.

So this is what really came next. 😉


So, the Hip-Hop Jam begun with some spontaneous showcase of Street Dance. It was too splendid and ecstatic. Even way better than what we see in Indian Television. You could feel that Hip-Hop is really evolving here, not only by looks but also by their style. An experienced and amazing Artist here, Rane Insame a.k.a. D.J. O.I.C. told something about us Hip-Hop. He explained us about the 5 different elements of Hip-Hop : MC’ing (Rapping), DJ’ing (Turntablism), Graffiti (Art), Dancing (Breaking, Up-Rocking, Popping, Locking), and most importantly, Knowledge. He idolizes Afrika Bambataa, the Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture, who discovered those five elements. Rame had a splendid knowledge as he is following this culture for almost 19 years since his teen hood. He has also seen the invading era of Hip-Hop of 21st Century Indian Youth Generation, starting from the scratch.  He really knows the roots as he was truly from the hood. 😉

Moreover, He was the Judge for our Graffiti Battle. 😉

 With his amazing introduction, the Hip-Hop Battle events and so do our Graffiti Battle started. We were allotted around 20 minutes to make a Graffiti Cipher on a word “COPE”, using your own unique style along with your tagging name on the side. Time was too short for a newbie like me.

All I could make at the limited amount of time is kinda like this. 😛


 Some of the competitors and even participants from other Hip-Hop Events really liked it so well, but not enough impress our judge, Rame. So therefore, I was knocked out from the first round. 😛

The Final Battle Round was between Komet, Asidic and Felix. They were allotted more time for writing a Graffiti Cipher on a word “ROOTS”. We were looking the artwork of all three of them time to time. I seemed like Asidic and Felix were getting an edge. But in the end, it was Komet who nailed the thing and won the final. He was also rewarded with a pack of Sabotaz Graffiti Spray Cans (first time in India). He really earned everything – the skill from his crew, the prize from this event and the respect from all of us. It was a hell lot of fun. I really enjoyed that shit. My very first experience was really amazing, so what I lost. Like I’ve said it ain’t the end of the world.
There is another Hip-Hop Jam coming soon in my town and I’ll be ready for that. 😉


This Art has been posted in  Paint Party Friday Week 23 and Sunday Sketches.


The Power of Modern Youth

This article was originally Posted as
Youth Is Directionless But Not Irresponsible..” by ”‘s Blog


Usually I don’t write down personal incidents on my blog but series of confrontations with a few questioning minds made me to express my views through an incident that happened with me two days back. On friday morning, me and my classmates were eagerly waiting for our advertising class which is taken by a very experienced and charismatic person. For his introduction, I would just like to mention that he headed Public Relation Society of India (Delhi Chapter) and this is just a feather in his cap.

He started off the class with enormous energy as he usually does discussing the ‘publics in public relation’.While explaining further he cited the example of ‘Anna Hazare Movement’ and his first statement was-“This movement is going to die off, nothing will happen.” One or two of my friends, (who volunteered  with me at Jantar Mantar while Anna was on fast) tried to convince him that revolution starts from somewhere but their mincing words failed to do so. He put his point more strongly by making one of the volunteers to stand and asked, “What have you done for the movement since you have come back from Jantar Mantar? Did you write a single letter to editor or even a blogpost? ” The expected answer came from the boy-No!

The sir went on- “You people just create euphoria, if you want to do something start from your own home.It was just a 5 days fest and now everything is gone.” I was listening to all this and ultimately can not resist myself from raising my hand while saying, “sir, I want to say something.” He allowed me to speak and I started, ” Sir, I am connected to this movement from past six months when it started in November last year. Since then, I have written ten letters to editor those have been published in Hindustan Times. I have made the people aware of ‘JanLokpal Bill’ through a special facebook account and Google buzz.I attended the India Against Corruption rally on 30th of January at Ram Lila Maidan.I have been writing blogposts twice a month adressing such issues and I don’t think I have done anything special because I am not the only one. ” Suddenly, he stopped me and smilingly uttered, “In the language of advertising, your product has been sold. Lady you will not let this movement die and I am complimenting you.” Normally, he never gets convinced so early still I preferred to halt myself.

After few minutes, again he touched the wrong strings. ” A simple bill can not curb corruption.Nothing will happen because corruption is so deeply rooted in this country. One or two people can’t bring the change”.You can call it my stubbornness, but I raised my hand again. This time he said, “lady you can put your point but I won’t say a word.” Still I asked him, “Will you agree sir, inspiration can be positive or negative?, He moved his head in affirmation and I continued, “When last time I went for IAC, only one person followed me, but this time at Jantar Mantar, four of my classmates came along with me.Something positive inspired me to volunteer there on my birthday rather than partying with friends. But the way you are treating this issue, next time I won’t find a single person from this class to accompany me because of negative insipration. My only question is why to be so cynical?”. He didn’t say much but just smiled and said, “I am not spreading negativity, I am just motivating you people.”

Though I expressed my viewpoint but frankly speaking, I was a bit scared because I knew that my teacher is going to complain about me to my Director and I will face a tough time.In that 3 hour class, we get a break of 10 mins after one and half hour is over.In the break, he called me up and asked my name.He also asked me about my career plans and gave me some nice suggestions regarding the same.He offered me his help in case I need it in future. If I am not wrong, he was convinced!

The only point to explain the whole incident is to make the people realize that Youth can be directionless,lacks inspiration, contentious and sometimes rude but is not irresponsible. Once it gets a direction, a goal, a particular way, youth is the best asset any country can have to curb any social menace. So, please don’t distrust them rather than provide them a direction, a platform where they can voice their aspirations. I know a 18year old, modern young boy teaching small kids at a village on his birthday and filing more than 120 RTI petitions. I have seen a 19year old actively working with a NGO for the betterment of environment.And this list is endless. How can I be cynical? Let us fail, let us struggle.Even if we return with nothing we have the courage to start again. Remember, with experience you never start with ‘0’, you always start with ‘1’.If you can’t do anything for us, atleast don’t be cynical. As I always say, If you can’t talk positive, atleast be neutral rather than spreading negativity. You never know, who gets inspired from you.


This article was originally Posted as
Youth Is Directionless But Not Irresponsible..” by ”‘s Blog

Celebrating our DURGA PUJA Festival – Fun With Chalks and Board V

Woah !! Finally, The Week has ended for Good and plus, I’ve just got some time to Relax myself for a while. Seriously, This Week was totally f*cked-up from my Busy College Schedules of submitting my Project Reports on RDBMS, attending Project Meetings on Data Mining and Ad-Hoc Networks, practicing and improving my Aptitude and Coding Skills for Internship Preparations, and giving some Class Presentations on Networking. All of these workloads, which I can’t procrastinate, just came right after my Crappy Mid-Semester Exams.

Profit : All my Work went well this past week. My Project Meetings and Presentations, both went good. Plus, my Internship Aptitude Paper was easy to be solved. 😛
Loss : I was unable to celebrate “DURGA PUJA” this year, as I was totally involved in these works.

Being a Proud Bengali, I was waiting for this Festival for months. Even I’ve scheduled myself to visit either whole Delhi or even Kolkata (where you get to see The EPIC Celebration Of DURGA PUJA). This Festival is indeed so special that you can’t resist yourself waiting for a year to come back again. But unfortunately I didn’t went to enjoy myself, unlike last year.

But however being even an artistic fella, I’ve celebrated it own my way in my College Classroom, by making an Image of Maa Durga on that ole familiar Green Class-board.

So fellas, Here’s something what I’ve got to show y’all.






Even y’all know there’s nothing complete in my Artwork without any GRAFFITI 😛  How we could forget about that huh ?? Well, this time I’ve made something in Bengali Scripts. And Ultimately, The Masterpiece appears this way after 10 minutes of my Devoting Hardwork.


Ooops !! I’ve forgotten something. Ah-huh !! See the Originality ??? 😛

Now that’s complete now !!!!  JAI MAA DURGA !!!! 😉


The above Artwork is a part of Sunday Sketches

The Unlikely and Unwanted Experience

I left my PC completely idle, though my Facebook Account was logged in. I was having my Dinner and watching my favorite TV Show. Suddenly, my felt something unusual (which actually was THE MIGHTY EARTHQUAKE), but I ignored it as if it might be my Mobile vibrating vigorously.

But later on, my Sister rang me up. She seemed to be so worried as she immediately asked me, whether I was OKAY and FINE !! Well that time, I was like, Why are you asking so ?? Apart from Morning blasts, what else worse gonna happen in Delhi now and most importantly to me ?? She told me to watch the NEWS asap. Giving an affirmative to her order, I just switched to a Random News Channel and just saw the news which even made me worried as well. We’ve been attacked by an Earthquake. Though it had an impact of 6.6 Richter Scale, but it hardly lasted for 4-5 seconds without any mass destruction. Simple tremors, but still very effective to be terrified at the moment.

Hearing this News, I ran to a safer place, bit away from my House. After waiting outside for 10-15 minutes, I came back home,completed my Dinner, bumped into my Computer Desk once again, and therefore, writing a Status Update in Facebook about this anticipating experience. 😦

My FacebookStatus Update on Today's Delhi Earthquake

My FacebookStatus Update on Today's Delhi Earthquake

But fellas, It seemed like I was not the only one around there posting on the same thing. 😛

My Facebook Friends' Status Update on Today's Delhi Earthquake

My Facebook Friends' Status Update on Today's Delhi Earthquake

I guess, we People won’t be having a LIFE without FACEBOOK even if we might be in DANGER any time. As a matter of Fact, we’ve just felt a 6.6 Richter Scale EARTHQUAKE in Delhi, again the place where we’ve already witnessed a Bomb Blast in Delhi High Court this past morning. But we people, rather saving ourselves from this inevitable natural disaster.,we would still be Busy in our Social-Networking Lives. Now, that’s the heights of Facebook Addiction. 😦

Anyways, I thought of studying late night, for my upcoming College Mid Semester Exams. But Now, I’m really feeling Insomniac and even remain more ALERT just in case. Just having a Cup of Coffee and Listening Soft Music in the meantime to make my mind feel good.

Hopefully, any day like Today, never be so miserable. 🙂

Wake-Up DELHI to Help Somebody

Referred from :- Md. Shabhaz Khan’s Blog Post

Neeraj Keshri, an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi Student needs financial help in order to fight Haemophilia*.

The student is under treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) since last month after a sudden internal bleeding in his lower abdomen and is now in a critical condition. Though some help has been provided by IIT and AIIMS themselves, but the limited source did not help the student to cure back. He was earlier admitted to B.L Kapoor Hospital and then later shifted to AIIMS. The Boy has developed ulcers which lead to bleeding and is even making the situation worse.

The student is fully dedicated and hard-working. Since he belongs to a poor family, such huge transactions can’t be sustained by his parents. The Institute too has a limit to provide financial assistance and the situation is so serious that if not looked upon, we may end up loosing him.

The boy is basically from Jharkhand, Age 20, and Admitted to IIT-Delhi this year, by attaining 93 AIR (All India Rank) in IIT-JEE 2010. He is one of the Bright and Meritorious Students of India. He is suffering from Haemophilia A since he was born.

{ Haemophilia also spelled hemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body’s ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken. Haemophilia A (clotting factor VIII deficiency) is the most common form of the disorder, occurring at about 1 in 5,000–10,000 male births.} It has very dangerous Symptoms and unfortunately no further cure has been discovered to eradicate this disease completely. The only thing which could cure Hemophiliac Patients like Neeraj for a while, is only Medicines, which are not only imported from Foreign Countries but also highly Expensive (in Lacs).

AIIMS had already took responsibility regarding this problem. They’re trying their best to save him. They’ve already spent a lot in importing those Expensive Medicines to make him alive every day. Friends – Manish Chauhan, Priya Sharma, both from IIT-Delhi, Some Kind and Benevolent Independent Volunteers like – Md Shahbaz Khan, Deepak, Shahnawaz Khan and others are volunteering maximum time to help the family and boy to come out of the situation and appeals the media to help us for a Social Cause Via Media Coverage and help him survive.

Regarding this issue, Many Newspapers have already Published this news like- 28th November 2010 Edition of ‘‘Navbharat Times”.

And even on Delhi Aajtak’s News Bulletin
Neeraj has been swinging between life and death: AAJ TAK: India.

After these News, hopefully some help has come for him. But still, Its pathetic to see that hardly anyone is standing up for that esp. the Youth are not that interested.

Wake up Delhi. Now, It’s the time that we all ought to serve something for Humanity.

You could even co-operate these benevolent helpers. Help Neeraj through Donations or even NGO contacts by giving him a reason to Live.

CWG 2010 : This Time NOT For Delhi

Heyy Wassup people ??  😉
Well It’s time to have some serious talk right now !!

As Y’all know that The National Capital of India : Delhi is going to host 19th COMMONWEALTH GAMES (CWG) in just 10 days ..

But the Question still remains in every Delhites minds “Whether CWG 2010 is going to be host in Delhi properly or not ?”

A Very Big n Important Question.. as Y’all cud see .. Isn’t it ?? 😛

Well , I’ve already mentioned that Delhi is the National Capital of India. Moreover , It is the eighth largest metropolis in the world by population with more than 12.25 million inhabitants in the territory and with nearly 22.2 million residents in the National Capital Region urban area (which also includes Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad)

Plus, It is also the political and cultural center of our Country.

So therefore, It is a very very important venue for every Indian around the country and also for our foreign guests as well.. 😉

Well.. The Delhi Government and The Indian Olympic Association had took a very big responsibility on themselves by hosting CWG 2010 a here back in 2006. And from since 2006, They together did some good job to brighten this city Like – Reconstructing some old Stadiums like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Talkatora Stadium, Shivaji Stadium etc. and Constructing some new Stadiums Like – SPM Swimming Pool Complex, RK Khanna Tennis Complex, Yamuna Sports Complex etc. etc.which definitely going to be good for the athletes India and around the World !!

Moreover, as according to The Delhi Master Plan in 2002, the Delhi Government did certain deeds to the citizens like Providing Delhi Metro Rail Service and New D.T.C Buses, Upgrading Indira Gandhi International (I.G.I) Airport and other Important places etc. etc. which quite provided a possible sort of comfort and satisfaction to every Delhite especially the common men and women for sure !!

Though, The Delhi Government and The Indian Olympic Association provided such good things to us so far.

But still, there is a lack of Management and Proper Planning in both of the above works. They both delayed in their Works and put their works at the Last Minutes of Given Deadline, which not only the given time is being wasted but also a lot of money spent as Expenditure to complete the Goal. Moreover, It has caused so much problems for a common Delhite due to negligence of Government.

The budget was initially around Rs. 11,000 Crores w which was quite sufficient to develop the city and to organize any Big World Event. But Now, Due to expansions in Deadlines and delay in their works, it has raised to mammoth Price of Rs. 75,000 Crores n would increase within these days for sure !!

Well, I won’t be surprised if it touches Rs. 1,00,000 Crores :X

In the names of Urban Development, The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)  invoked  SEALING and DEMOLITION in various shops and homes , causing many Delhites jobless and homeless !!  Moreover, many people living in Slum Areas were not properly evacuated to proper places and not given safe accommodation as well.

Though, all the money is being spent for development. Many Construction Plans are late and still going on. Also due to current Heavy Rainy Season, many roads are getting even more blocked causing too much Traffic in these busy city lanes. However, the main areas where the Tourists usually visits are almost developed. Thanks to their Last Minute Work, which generally I must say, Every Indian does, whether it’s a student for Studies or The Government for Project !! 😛

But still there is a lack of security for the upcoming games, as we’ve just witnessed the Jama Masjid Attack and Explosion by the Terrorists last week.

Even though so much money has been money has been spilled like nowhere. But the projects are still not done yet, they are still pending. The reason has already been exposed that the money has been eaten up by many officials and again CORRUPTION has taken birth at this CWG Project as well.

PS : This issue is not new in India .. It always happens.. Don’t get shocked!! 😛

About a Month ago , the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) released a report showing irregularities in up to 14 CWG projects. As per official reports, in total 129 works in 71 organizations have been inspected. he detailed preliminary findings include

1. Award of work contracts at higher prices
2. Poor Quality Assurance and Management
3. Award of work contracts to ineligible agencies

There are also allegations of wide spread corruption in various aspects of organizing the games including procurement and awarding contracts for constructing the game venues.

Due to so much exposure revealed by the Indian Media, the true reason behind this issue came in the front of the whole nation. Though many convicted officials were suspended for violation, but still the loss has to suffer the common people in Delhi. Coz’ still we’ve demolished buildings, poor roads and lack of basic city amenities.

Now-a-days, we all might have heard this full form of CWG as ‘CORRUPTION WEALTH GAMES’ coz’ the Government made this event like this to happen. 😛

Well , due to lack of arrangement and accommodation, many Team Officials of other country (especially The European Nations) – has criticized for it. They are still on a boycott due to such reasons. Some athletes Like – Christine Ohuruogu, the Olympic 400m champion, and Lisa Dobriskey, a 1500m runner and the Jamaican runners Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell , had already withdraw themselves from the Competition.

In fact, any Indian officials expressed the dismay at the ongoing delays. But still they have stated that they are confident that India will successfully host the games and do so on time. Moreover, The Current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Diskhit (and I don’t think she would the CM for next time :P) still making us to see its positive side by quoting, “We Have developed Delhi in a year rather than doing so in 4 years” .

So Do you think this is very funny Quote ? Well, Its’ a lame an very shameful answer to neglect the humiliation and showing an unnecessary proud rather than embrace the reality and ensure that next time they should do in a proper planned way, without wasting Public’s Money.

Extremely Sorry that I’ve Forgotten !! Since this is INDIA, it would happen forever generation by generation   😛 ..

In India, Many Personalities like The former Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer and former Indian cricket captain and spin bowler Bishan Singh Bedi had strong criticized over this issue. Looking to this, Our So-called Indian Author Mr. Chetan Bhagat has raised a movement to Boycott CWG Games and also he’s urging his readers not to watch them on TV, thereby using the “golden chance” to “put the corrupt and insensitive government to shame. Well Honestly, I’m not a fan of this overrated Writer, But still I agree with him somehow.

As The Times of India reports, all CWG projects were to be completed by May 2009 and the last year should have been kept for trial runs. The newspaper further reports that the first stadium was handed over for trial runs in July 2010 only. That clearly means , that we already should have been prepared around 2 – 3 month ago for the games to be started. But what we’ve seen and got to learn so far .. A PATHETIC UNPREPARED and UNLIVABLE CONDITION OF DELHI.

Well so far, only those areas in Delhi have been developed so far, which are mainly Tourists Spots, the Stadium Location & the Commonwealth Areas. The rest Delhi are still under-construction. Well, During those CWG fortnights, these so-called developed areas would be The Delhi for visitors as the rest part would not been shown by them . 😛 Even though the places nearby important venue where being developed just at the last minute, But still its prone to poor construction and damage & even in a risk to collapse just what we witnessed when this Tuesday when a foot bridge under construction for the Commonwealth Games near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsed which injured at least 23 people, mainly workers, highlighting fears of poor workmanship.

Well obviously, the Delhites won’t be satisfied with such happenings going in Delhi so far !! Coz’  their money in form of Taxes are being wasted n spilled by the Government like nothing . Plus, they have not given the comfort that sense of comfort and satisfaction.  Only we could do just face the humiliation we are going to face within few days.

Still, somewhere I feel, the Youth especially the DU Students has been lured and deviated somehow by the government, by assigning and hiring them as Volunteers for CWG.  Moreover, They are attracting them by launching The Official CWG Theme Song called “Swaagatam Swaagatam” by A.R. Rahman, paying him around Rs- 5 Crores. , Though Palaash Sen has already been hired for that and he did it for Free of costs !!

Don’t you think A.R. Rahman should have done it for free costs?  Damn Sure, It ought to be YES !!

In my opinion, there’s no point of taking money for that especially when you’re doing something for the country. There’s no point in making money like that  ; )

Just take at look at the calendar Folks, Hardly 10 days Left.  It’s time for the Countdown to face the biggest humiliation at CWG 2010. As fast as the Day is coming nearby, Tensions are raising more and more in every Delhites’ mind. So therefore, Let’s us see people what happens next !! 😛